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vBulletin Forum to WordPress Blog Importer

What is Forum2Blog and how is it going to help you? 

Forum2Blog is a web based software designed for the WordPress platform that can take a given vBulletin forum thread, scrape it and create a post on the blog based on that thread.

Forum2Blog will take the first post from the thread and create the post on your blog, while the rest of the replies from the thread will be added as comments to the post from your blog.

Just imagine how many things you could do with it. There are millions of forums out there powered by vBulletin, lots and lots of interesting topics. Any of those topics can be imported into your blog in seconds with Forum2Blog.


-Import posts from any vBulletin powered forum

-Change post title

-Random name generator for the fake blog comments

-Option to allow/deny links in the posts

-Option to allow/deny links in comments

-Option to allow images in comments

-Password protection

-fast and easy to use


Easy to use , fully automated

Upload and Run . Import posts in seconds to your blog.