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Have you ever wondered how the most successful people achieve their goals? Are you old enough to remember the experiments done on the public in the 1950s that some say are still going on today? Do you know why the movie “The Exorcist” was so scary and had to have registered nurses stationed in the lobby?

The answer to all of the above is subliminal advertising. It works. There is no doubt. That’s why you see it (or as the case may be, DONT SEE IT) in in every magazine, newspaper, t.v. and video medium advertising today. Now, the Big Boys are not going to point it out to you. There’s too much BIG $$$ at stake riding on this medium to get a grass roots movement flowing against the practice. Rest assured that unless you live as a hermit in a cave, today you have been assaulted by multiples of multiples of SA (subliminal ads)

Now it’s your turn to harness the secret powers of subliminals and get what you want. NOT what Madison avenue says you should want.

Are you ready to harness the power? Are you able to tie your shoelaces without asking mommy? OK then, let’s go!

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Dear Colleague,

Have you ever tried to put together something that came with a “some assembly required” tag attached?

I’m convinced this is some kind of trick to see just how much we really want the completed product. Surely someone somewhere is watching and having a good laugh at our expense, right?

Sidebar: These things can be nightmarish. Mainly because whoever wrote the instructions usually doesn’t speak our language. And then there’s the whole “not enough pictures” thing. Add in the fact that they sometimes leave out important pieces of information and you’ve got the makings of a frustrating experience.

My wife and I were recently putting together such an item and as we looked at all of the different nuts and bolts, as we looked at the 10 pages of instructions, as we looked at this mess in front of us, I asked a very important question…


Price: $79

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Do you want to take your WordPress MU site to the next level?

WPMU DEV Premium is devoted to plugins, themes, resources and support to assist you in creating the absolute best WordPress MU (WPMU) site you can imagine.

As a Premium member you get access to over fifty plugins to extend your sites functionality, WPMU specific premium themes and theme packs, language packs, professional white label support videos for your personal use, beginners guides from A – Z and forum support from WPMU experts to help you along the way.

You also get access to our widely used MultiDB scaling code, the WPMU Jobs Market where you can find developers or work, comprehensive support materials like our complete WPMU manual taking you fron installation to management and integration of your new WPMU site.


Price: $397

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