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Yes Jay! I want to make the easiest $5,000 to $10,000 per month I’ve ever made…

…Without having a product…without having a list…and without being technologically savvy and without spending much time and energy.

And I understand that this is a highly limited offer that’s limited to the 1st 500 inviduals who watch this video.

I also understand that if I don’t act now – I might miss out on this amazing once in a life time opportunuty.

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Mr. Perrin’s 1 Hour Method

Logging into your inbox to see rows of “Notification of Payment Received” messages from Paypal is seriously gratifying.

I should know.

But believe me, it’s 10 times more gratifying when those payments are for $300-$900 each. And it’s especially gratifying when you’ve worked just one hour per week for each payment!

If you think you’re ready to move up to the next level in the IM world AND You’re ready to start making big money, THEN Invest in Mr. Perrin’s 1 Hour Method

…the book that lays out exactly how to turn your IM energies into big profits!

Forget long-winded and frustrating IM techniques. This method makes me $600 (or MORE) per customer, working 1 hour per week for 1 month.

With five customers, you’ll work five hours a week, making about $3,000 per month.

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“How a Simple Cpanel Script Generated 5,400 Links For FREE On Complete Auto-Pilot!” [VERY LIMITED]

Dear Warrior

What you’re about to purchase and discover could very easily blow your idea of backlinking and SEO out of the water (yes, I’m serious). This technique is something I’ve been using and experimenting with for a while and now I want to pass on the secret to you…

Since you’re on the Warrior forum you probably know all too well how important backlinks are for ranking well in Google and gaining authority. If you don’t have links, you don’t have anything.

That being said, you also know how much backlinks can cost–and it isn’t cheap. This report will show you how I use a simple script available in Cpanel (and for free online other places as well) to build UNLIMITED links (yes, I’m dead serious) to any site you want. This is literally auto-pilot backlinking for free…forever.

You never buy links, you never set up a buggy “backlink trading” program with someone and you get to literally sit back and watch the links build up completely on their own. What you’re about to purchase and discover is something you’ve never seen before…I promise.

I’m going to show you exactly how I:
* Set up a common, easy to use script using Cpanel and one-click installation to build links….FREE.
* Leverage other people’s link building campaigns to SNEAK in and get UNLIMITED links to my money pages.
* “Set and forget” automatic link building campaigns that require NO work and NO money.

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“Tired of seeing all of these Blogging Get Rich Quick Schemes that Never Seem to go Anywhere?” Jump off the Bandwagon and into the Fast Lane with A REAL Auto Blog Profit Machine!

Fellow Marketer,

Are you tired of buying Product after Product, hoping to find one that really will show you the best way to make a REAL Full Time Living Online with REAL Monthly profits? Let me help by showing you how to build profitable Blogs that run on Auto. Not Auto SPLOGS that go nowhere!
My name is Mike Johnson and I would like to Welcome You to the Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 and a different kind of Internet Marketing product. Why is the Auto Blog Blueprint different? First and foremost, the “ABB” as I like to call it, is not an eBook or a “Get Rich Quick” scheme. It is a full fledged Online E-Course on how to build super SEO Optimized Blogs with a stratgey and a complete plan of action.
I show you how to take this Plan of Action and turn your Blogs into profitable money making machines that run on autopilot using the best tools available. In fact, I have done all the hard work for you so that all you have to do is pick your niche using my system, add content from Plugins that You choose, and promote using the most complete, yet simple Backlink Blueprint available on the web.

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Learn The Dirty Little Secret Of How Proven World-Class Marketers Churn Out Product After Product, With Little Or No Effort …

“Follow These Simple, Step by Step Instructions And You Can Instantly Become A Well Known Author…Without Writing A Word, And You Get To Keep 100% Of the Profits!”

Learn how to maximize your time and minimize your effort with the best kept “dirty little secret” in the industry that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and your life!

Dear Fellow Product Creator,

What is the one thing that you wish you had more of? Other than money, it would be time. How do you make more money? First of all you have to mazimize your time.

Time is our most valuable resource, and we never seem to have enough of it!

First of all, I can’t believe I am about to reveal these secrets, in fact, I’ve been sitting on this product for awhile now, not sure if I should even release it. I will probably get sucker puched at the next Internet Marketing Seminar or get a bunch of hate mail for letting this secret out of the bag.

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There’s no need to go into great detail about me or my history, as most of you will know that I use unique traffic generation methods for my sites, and this particular method is 100% UNIQUE! I have over 80 traffic ebooks on my hard drive, all released in the last 3 months, and there is NOTHING close to what I am going to show you. It is so simple, and you will probably be kicking yourself for not realizing the method sooner!

Here’s what it’s NOT:
* No ongoing article writing, sapping hours of valuable time
* No article marketing
* No PPC arbitrage
* No CPA involved
* No 8lackhat methods
* No link building
* No backlinking
* No hunting for .EDU’s or .GOV’s
* No need for building sites that take hours to create
* No need to spend hours on graphics
* No need to build Link Wheels
* No need to social bookmark until your fingers fall off
* No need to hunt all day for keywords
* No RSS submission
* No Pinging
* No Blog commenting
* ….in fact, it would probably be quicker to say what it is!

Here’s what the method IS:

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Offline Marketing…

It’s become a buzz word in the IM community. With guides on everything from how to set up autoresponders for offline businesses, to raising thousands of dollars in a single weekend with an internet marketing seminar, it would seem that everyone is touting the benefits and profits available to be had online. Even the IM “Gurus” are now retiring to get into the offline market.

So now you’ve decided that you want to start your own offline consulting business. You want to take these online skills you’ve learnt, and put them to use helping brick and mortar companies maximise their marketing potential using the internet. Awesome!

But have you got everything you need to be able to hang out a shingle in the offline world?

You see, it takes more than just having a few internet skills to be able to offer services to traditional businesses. Business owners are savvy, and they are in business for one reason and one reason alone – to make money. Now, show them how you can help them do just that – and then follow through with your promises – and you’ll have a loyal customer for life. Lose money by trying to do this without the proper tools… and your reputation will go down the crapper in mere seconds!

So how do you make certain that you understand exactly which strategies need to be put into place to help offline businesses? You make certain that you have ALL the tools you need before you get started!

That’s what this package has been designed to do – give you all of the tools you need to start your own successful offline marketing consultancy, and help you get started offering your consulting services to offline businesses right away.

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