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Dear Fellow Warrior:

First, I know that many warriors are struggling when generating traffic to their autoblogs. It’s not an easy task to promote your site, and, of course, it’s a time-consuming task. I daresay that for most marketers, promotion is one of the most boring parts of autoblogging. However, it’s also the most important part. No traffic simply means NO money.

Before continuing my letter, I want to kindly tell you, as I did in my first SAT letter, that I don’t have a magical solution that will send your autoblogs thousands upon thousands of visitors overnight. If you think that you can find it elsewhere, go ahead. I really wish you the best of luck.

What I do have is a solid method that will help you tremendously with the exhausting task of generating traffic – without Article Marketing, Bookmark, or any junk traffic exchange. There’s little work involved. With just a little bit of effort, you will be driving the kind of traffic to your autoblogs that WILL make you money.

“This is a Really Effective Technique that Works So Well, You’ll Think that Some Kind of Black Magic is Involved!”

The truth is that this method is actually one of the easiest to implement. I haven’t heard anyone talking about this, so I’m assuming that the minority using it didn’t want this tactic revealed! As was the case with the first version of SAT, it’s information that is in front of you, but you can’t see it until someone points it out!

“Please, Can You Tell Me More About Secret Autoblog Traffic 2?”

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The Offline Marketing Blueprint is an eight week, step-by-step system to get you up and running your own Internet Marketing Consultant business.

The Offline Marketing Blueprint was created by the Market Ownership Group, a successful IM consultancy company founded by Brian Carson, to help individuals achieve freedom and financial wealth by starting their own consulting business.

I’ve been an offline Internet marketing consultant for almost three years now, and an information marketing publisher going back to 2004. In that time, I have grown my business to a level where I quit my J-O-B five years ago.

And while I’m not super rich yet, I’m not hurting either. Believe me, I’ve been on both sides and it’s much, much better being your own boss, having the freedom to work at your own schedule instead of working for an asshole boss.

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Dear Internet Friend,

If you’re looking to make hordes of easy cash selling other people’s products online (we’re talking thousands a month for sending a few emails to people who LIKE hearing from you)… and dreamt of a system that totally automates and accelerates the difficult task of building your marketing list… then this will be the most important message you’ve ever read.

My name is Chris Freville, and for years I was hopelessly trapped on the low rung of the corporate ladder… commuting 5 days a week to spend 8 hours at a job I hated… my family was growing faster than my income (we had a fourth child on the way!) … and I saw no way of getting ahead. I had to do something to bring in more money fast – or face financial devastation.

Maybe you’ve been there, too.

Frustrated… knowing you have as much knowledge and talent of any big shots living in the fancy houses you drive past, and still having to struggle just to get by every month. When all you need is a break.. a chance… a shot… It doesn’t seem fair that some get the breaks while others wait forever – and maybe never get it at all.

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Ok so the first question I always get asked, can’t I do this with WordPress?

Of course you could, kind of, I mean you have to install WordPress, then install half a dozen plugins, then find and install a theme, then add the various widgets for your ad groups, then….well you get the idea, it would take me almost 8 minutes just to describe all the steps, and you still would not have a site set-up! Now to be absolutely honest I love WordPress and I use it a lot, a whole lot. But when i want to target a specific product (or family of products) I can slap up one of these 1 Page Sites and start driving traffic immediately!

So the next question that generally comes up has to do with Amazon aStores. Yep the aStore is fairly easy to use, except for the fact that you have to log into your Amazon account to add and remove items from your store, and you know as well as I do that their aStore builder is not the friendliest site builder out there. Then determine how you want to display your aStore, I mean lets face it IFrames suck and Redirects look suspicious.

The third question I get is “What can I use these sites for?” Here are a few Ideas…

* Find a list of the hottest Christmas gifts (Hint check here 2010 Hottest Christmas Toys; Almost a 100 Choices Made the Top – Associated Content – or the best selling lists at the big retail store websites).
* Anything mentioned on the Today Show, Ellen Show, The Doctors, Good Morning America, etc…
* Watch the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc for stuff kids want their parents to buy.
* New York Times bestselling Books list or any other Book List, Album List, etc…
* Items mentioned on Talk Radio.

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You’ve finally found it!

After all those failed marketing campaigns, the frustration and seemingly impossible uphill struggles to make this whole ‘Internet Marketing Lifestyle’ work for you – It’s here, this is your shot to uncover the genuine, hype free methods that can make you rich…

That was one heck of a promise wasn’t it? And we sincerely hope you’re skeptical. You’d be foolish not to be… we are every time we see a new product launch alert in our inbox.

Here’s the big problem – We buy (or are given) just about every program and new ’system’ that hits the market these days and frankly 90% of them are out and out crap!

In our experience people will always over complicate things… change techniques, and try to “revolutionize” the industry. They’ll re-name, re-label, re-invent and “coin” phrases just to make you think they’re offering you something new.. something life changing that only the “chosen few” or a “Limited Number” will ever be privy to.

However… All these chumps are doing is getting the mud thicker on your path towards success.

They’re forcing you into some never-ending obstacle course, like a lab rat forced into testing out someone’s “theory”.

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FX Trader, FX Instructor , Initiator of DDFX Forex Trading System. If you start using the powerful DDFX Forex Trading System revealed in this site, you can make $1,430… $3,500… $4,950…etc from forex trading in just one week.

I’ll explain more in just a moment… but first let me ask you a quick question:
Have you ever imagined…
…Making $2000, $8500, or $12,000 a month trading forex.
…Consistently and effortlessly generating more than 500 pips a month.

Well, I’m about to show you just how you can do that – and put an endless stream of money into your pocket… week after week… like a pro.

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Skymage Bomb

Dear warriors/internet marketers,

My name is David and I would like to welcome you to my wso. Skymage Bomb is a multi-threading wordpress poster software.

With Skymage Bomb, you can post unlimited amount of articles to unlimited amount of blogs, with a click of a button ! and it’s done in minutes ! (Depends on your pc/server resource)

Video –

Example site: Red True Review (Over 10,000 articles site created in few minutes). Skymage Bomb is the most powerful wordpress poster up to date.

So, what you can do with skymage bomb ?
1.You can create a site with 10,000 articles and flip it for huge cash.
2.If you have a blog network, you can use it to post an article to get backlinks from all of your blogs.
3.You can create a huge site and monetize it with cpa gateway or adsense and drive traffic from twitter, facebook, youtube, bookmarking sites, search engines and more.

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