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Isn’t it time YOU cashed in on the Mobile Marketing Revolution?

“Be an Instant Leader in the Coming Mobile Marketing Tidal Wave When You Discover and Leverage These Cutting-Edge Insider Secrets Before Your Competitors – You Can Write Your Own Ticket to Massive Success!”

We Call it StomperMobile. Your “Competitors” Will Call it Magic.

“Any sufficiently advanced technologyis indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

Dear Colleague,

We should have called it StomperMagic. Because when you use the mobile marketing strategies and tactics in this course… when you learn to dominate any market with cutting-edge techniques your competitors haven’t even heard of, they simply won’t understand what happened.

To your competitors, it will seem exactly like magic. But…

It’s NOT Magic – It’s Very Focused, Specialized Knowledge.

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Here is what a couple of my coaching clients said about me:

Johncm said,

“I’m glad to have met you.* I have been searching for a way to really hit the ground running and you are it.* I had some stuff, WSO, other Guru products, to help me get my business development company up and running, but I was lacking something.* They were all mostly bits and pieces of other stuff. Nothing new.* *You put out a very nicely packed product with just the right amount of material in the right order.* Kind of like paint by numbers.** Even though I have been in business for over 20 years, I still need help to get going.* Really, why re invent the wheel.* Above all else, the personal help is well beyond the value you charge and I appreciate that the most.”

“Before working with Millard, I was floundering in my attempts at establishing my consulting business. But Millard helped me uncover and implement the methods that fit my personal style, background, and knowledge. Now I’m making real progress and on track to setting myself up for long term business consulting success. Not only does he have many years of in-the-trenches knowledge and experience (which I saw first hand over and over), he’s also a great guy and a great mentor.

I’m thankful to have found him as my coach.”

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Dear Fellow Warrior,

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Larry Page, Google’s new CEO, believes Google MUST GO SOCIAL to compete with Twitter and more importantly its arch nemesis Facebook.

Since Facebook announced “Open Graph” 1 year ago the popularity of the Like button has EXPLODED. Does this mean Google is now going to roll over and play dead to Facebook’s “Like” buttons?”

Not on your bloody life … They’ve come out with one of the biggest counter attacks against Facebook directly.

Google Is So Determined To Make Its New Social Search Strategy Work It’s Put The Bonuses Of 25,000 Google Employees Directly On The Line!

Google has had an ongoing tug of war with Facebook for years….culminating in the acquisition of in recent times.

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Harness the VIRAL POWER of Facebook to quickly and easily add thousands of fans and supercharge your opt-in list …

Discover the Powerful Secrets for generating Unlimited Income with Fan Pages!

Add 1000s of Fans to your Facebook Fan Page EASILY with the NEW FB LikeBuzzed Iframe Version, a brand new, unique Facebook viral script. Make $$$ from your Fan Page!

What is FB LikeBuzzed?

FB LikeBuzzed is a brand new, unique, cutting edge viral script for facebook. This is not a rehash of someones else PLR script.

What does it do?

FB LikeBuzzed makes it simple for you to get more likes for your fan page by using Facebook Sharing, Invites, Hidden Content, Product Downloads, and Opt-in Integration – all from ONE easy to install script.

Sounds pretty comprehensive, is it easy to set up?

FB LikeBuzzed is very simple to set-up and customize. I have created a full and detailed installation guide as well as access to my personal support system.

Why do I need it?

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Hi Warriors,

My name is Stuart Macfarlane and I want to show you exactly how I get people clicking “Like” on my Facebook pages instantly every single day of the week!

Those of you that have brought my previous WSO’s know that I don’t write your run of the mill guides, I make them easy to follow and make sure they contain zero fluff.

I even offer FREE SUPPORT with every single WSO, that alone should be worth more than double the price of this WSO every single month!

Why do you need Facebook Page Likes?
Well it’s quite simple really; whenever someone clicks “Like” on your new Facebook page it instantly advertises it to their entire friends list via their wall. We’re talking instant viral advertising here and it’s completely FREE!

How can you make money from Facebook Pages that have lots of Likes?
Having a Facebook Page with 1000’s of Likes on it is just as good as having an email list, you have a list of users that is watching your every comment you share and seeing every link you post to your pages wall.

If you had a Facebook Page called “Mobile Phone Covers” you could send out a weekly Amazon link containing the latest cool mobile phone cover.

Imagine you only get a 1% sale conversion “this is very very low” on a 10k page… Thats 100 sales you’ve just made!

Price: $10

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Hey Warrior,

If you want to learn how to *really* (I am not talking hype here, I mean *really*) make $200 to $500 per day with only one traffic source? Then stay with me – this short story is very important.

The truth is …

If you have been around in the warrior forum for a while, most probably, you already knew me that I am very generous and I have been sharing lots of valuable CPA marketing tips and Insights for free.

That is why I have been getting lots of PMs and e-mail messages from newbies and veteran CPA marketers to share them some proven and tested ways to make money with CPA.

So, I have decided to share with you some Sneaky Ways on how to make FAT Affiliate Commission with CPA.

If you are lucky to get one of the few copies available for sale, believe me, you are going to be rich. I am serious. NO JOKE.

The beauty of my system is:
· You Don’t Need To Have Any Advanced Technical Knowledge On Webpage Design Or Traffic Generation
· You Don’t Need To Have Copywriting Skills
· You Don’t Need To Worry About Landing Page And Quality Score Issues
· You Don’t Need To Know Anything About Selling Or Persuasion.
· You Don’t Need To Wait For Months To See Result

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What’s Included In FanPagePro:
Full FB Fan Page Sites With Editing Back-End

Just install the simple PHP script, choose a password and your ready to go! All you need is a hosting account and FTP access. No MySQL datebase to install. Just drag and drop to install!
Easy To Use Content WYIWYG Content Editor

Each page has an easy to use content editor that is much like microsoft word so if you can write an email, you can edit the content of your site with ease! Simple Drag & Drop Install No Messy Databases

Unlike other scripts that are hard to setup or install. This script is super easy to install. We give you a simple video tutorial so even newbies can install the script!

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