[Proof! + Rave Reviews] $1400/Month In 45 Minutes… Offline Monster Method Revealed!

Price: $17

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Fellow Offline Warrior,

Will Perkins here, and I’m going to just jump right into the offer I have for you today. Offline marketing is becoming a huge hit for people who are in the internet marketing world, but most of them aren’t having nearly the amount of success they could. That’s all about to change…

Rather than sitting on the phone all day calling businesses you pull out of a phonebook, why not talk to business owners who are willing and ready to invest in their business? And on top of all that, why not offer them a service that will deliver the results they have been seeking for months if not years?

I Earn Over $300.00 A Month On Every Client I Have
And It Takes me Less Than 45 Minutes To Set Them Up, Do You?

Last year I brought in $450.00 and $300.00 consistently for MONTHS from JUST two clients… I spent under 45 minutes setting up EACH client’s website, and outsourced the rest!!!

Looking for some more recent payments? Here you go… And I’ll even do the math for you… that’s over $1,400.00 a month

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Discover VIDEO INSANITY. Jaw Dropping Videos For Under $10 And ANY NEWBIE CAN DO IT! (insane)

Price: $18

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Dear Warrior,

I’m a straight forward guy and I don’t want to waste your or my time, so let me get right to the point.

Here is What I Got For You

I’ll show you an amazing and fast way to create super impressive high quality videos virtually within 24 hours.

So far I’ve been struggling to get good videos done myself and every time that I outsourced the task I had to pay big bucks.

One of the main issues was that I hate technical stuff and besides the fact that I didn’t want to spend $500 for a good video editing software, there was no way that I was going to spend hour after hour trying to learn how to use a software.

Do What You Do Best
Hire Others To Do The Rest

I always try to focus on the important things in my business and on the high value tasks, the things that can add to my bottom line.

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Internet Marketing WordPress Theme | WordPress For Internet Marketers

Price: $97

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Lose money? No problem, you can always earn it back. But when you lose time, you lose it forever…

Every day that passes is a day older for you and me. Multiply that by 365 and you are a year older.

Go around and ask every marketer you meet: “Do you have enough time?”

And most will answer: “No I don’t have enough time. There simply aren’t enough hours in a day.”

The reason why “there aren’t enough hours in a day” is because they are spending time doing the wrong tasks.

Tasks such as designing and/or programming their site when they are not designers or programmers to begin with.

(not to mention that even if you manage to create your site, it’s most likely to be low quality because – let’s face it – you’re not a designer or programmer…)

You know what’s smart?

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Forex Vertigo

Price: $57

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23 Year Old College Drop-out Generates Up to +2,642 Pips Per Month using a Stupidly Simple Trading System! Discover how a 23 year old kid makes in one month what his educated friends make in a year!

With trades as profitable as these:
WARNING: This system has nothing to do with SCAM Robots that work only in backtest! REPAINTING INDCIATORS that fake their signals!

COMPLICATED SYSTEMS that require years of experience! REHASHED systems that you can find anywhere for free

[HOT REVIEWS] Black Hat Persuasion Tactics That Crush ClickBank?

Price: $17

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Best Part: Once You Know The EXACT “Buttons” To Push… Use Our Proven White Hat Methods To Get
The Same “Unfair Advantage”…With ZERO Deception Or DirtyTricks!

Dear Fellow Warrior,

If I told you a small circle of “black hat” marketers are using one simple formula to push their offers to the TOP of Clickbank on demand (and getting away with it)…

… you might assume there’s a “catch.”

After all, everyone knows there’s no way to “force” people to buy… or “cut the line” straight to the first page of Clickbank anytime you want.

And you’d be right… except…

These Guys Aren’t Playing By The “Rules”…

You might have seen one of their sales pages – without knowing it – and laughed to yourself saying, “Who would buy this?”

After all, they’re busting at the seams with hype… they’re full of wild stories that lit up your “B.S.” detector like a Christmas tree… and you can’t stand the videos for more than a few seconds before hitting the “back” button to escape.

You’d assume they’d be going broke… hemorrhaging money until they ran to hire a pro copywriter to stop the bleeding.

But they’re not. And they don’t.

Instead, they’re pulling down $1 million-plus launch days with sales pages full of copy that seems so badly written and packed with over-the-top mumbo-jumbo… it shouldn’t work.

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Happy Copywriting

Price: $97

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“Discover How To Write VERY High-Converting Sales Letters In Two Hours Or Less… GUARANTEED!”

Dear Friend,

If you’re struggling with figuring out how to write great copy, then you’re about to be extremely happy. But first… can you tell me if any of these apply to you?

Do you feel totally CONFUSED when it comes to copy? Do you have no idea what the “right” way to do things is? Do you go to write a sales letter but feel totally overwhelmed and paralyzed when looking at the blank screen? Are you just plain sick of copywriting being your big hang-up?

If so, you’re really going to get a lot out of what I have to share with you. You see… This Is Your Chance To Figure Out How To Write A Money-Getting Letter In Less Than Two Hours!

FRESH and RAW! — WHO ELSE WANTS to ADD 45% MORE CASH to EVERY SALE? — Rapid Price Increase — HOT!

Price: $13.7

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Dear Warrior:
Here are some questions to see if this is right for YOU:
Are you trying to make more money when you sell in your niche?
Are you trying to squeeze out more profit from your WSOs?
Are you trying to finally learn how to set up an upsell or one time offer?

Well, you’re going to love this…


Yes, only $9.95 today!

As the video above very clearly shows, I’ve made a killing with WSOs. More importantly, I’ve added a lot
of extra cash using this EASY marketing technique.

I’ve increased my cash by up to 45% just by using upsells, downsells and one-time-offers (OTOs).

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