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Hi there,

My name is Enzo and I’ve been a linkbuilder for almost 4 years. In the last two years I have dramatically improved my linkbuilding campaigns because of SENUKE. This tool Has basically increased my productivity by as much as 1000%.

Before I Found SENUKE I was doing Linkbuilding Manually. And I’ll tell you from First Hand Experience is that it is the worst way to spend your weekends and spare time! MANUAL Linkbuilding is too much work!

That is why Internet Marketers, Gurus and Other Website Owners outsource SEO And Linkbuilding Campaigns to third world countries like the Philippines. It is much cheaper outsourcing these tasks than doing it themselves.

And almost 4 years ago, I was hired in an online freelancing site to do LINK BUILDING by an Internet Marketer. Little did I know that this person was one of the Top Internet Marketers In The World…

You see, I came from the Philippines and though we are from a third world country, I’d say that we have the knowledge, skills and capability to do the job(Funny because Many “SEO Gurus” outsource their SEO jobs to People Like ME.(HINT:They Keep The SEO Guru Credit behind the Real Secret, it’s ok!)

The Most SIMPLE And POWERFUL SEO Course, ANYWHERE! Darren: “Looks like WINNING to me.” [900+ SOLD!]

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Fellow SEO Warriors,

I’ve got something to share with you that I’m super excited about. Everybody that deals with search engine optimization knows the headaches and effort that go into an SEO campaign. It can be down right FRUSTRATING sometimes to try to garnish traffic through the search engines.

Screw the hype, let’s do it SIMPLE!

When I first started with SEO, I struggled to get good rankings. I struggled to get where I wanted to be.

I know what it’s like to build site after site, only to watch your page three and page four rankings sit there, not making money, doing NOTHING. I know what it’s like to feel hopeless. Drop the sob story, it’s time to crush it with SEO.

You’ve been LIED TO about SEO! It’s simple, if you can avoid the lies… and this is how it ALLLL came about:

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[Video Proof] How I made $34,795.29 In The Last 30 Days With WSO’s

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Fellow Warrior,

The names Reilly, James Reilly. Now I could tell you how I made $34,795.29 this month launching only 3 new WSO’s in my spare time… Or tell you how I made $1,195 spending 5 minutes sending one affiliate email out to my list. But I’m not gonna do that.

Why won’t I tell about the WSO that I produced from to start to finish in 24 hours that pulled in over $11,000 this month?

Because I don’t matter, I do this all the time…

What I will tell you, is that the strategies I developed to locate and exploit the buying trends in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum have recently been used to launch a WSO bigger than any Reilly Labs has been able to do…

And it was done by an 18 year old college student in under a week…

Will Perkins Made $15,069.00 In The Last 7 Days Using These Ninja Tactics…

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Offline K.I.S.S Method on Steroids Brings $7426.28 A Week…??

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You see since the birth and rise of Google I found that SEO and web development for local businesses was something so lucrative and attractive a venture for entrepreneurs, that everybody seemed to be jumping on the bandwagon.

The only thing was, I hated SEO and I hated local businesses. I hated a lot of things in the West…except the women…which is why I escaped to Europe and Southeast Asia…where it’s nicer and there are hotter women…and made others do the work for me, without me spending more than $40 to get a customer that paid me up to £5926.28 a pop like clockwork!

I Knew This Was A Better Business Than Crack…

I told them all about how I could:
– Outsource lead generation so that clients would be calling me…without using a website, PPC or SEO!
– Outsource the web design AND SEO to some guy in India who could do all the work for pennies compared to the BIG BUCKS I was getting!
– Sit in the middle and cream a big fat creamy mouthful off the top whilst interviewing business owners to make sure THEY wouldnt BOTHER me as clients!

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Hey warriors,

I’m super excited today! I just put the finishing touches on a killer new backlink software.

Now, you probably already know you need backlinks if you want to rank on the first page of Google.

In fact, you’ve probably heard it over and again…

But, did you know that just one .edu or .gov backlink can give you TEN TIMES MORE link juice then a .com backlink?

Yes, it’s true!

How Many Edu And Gov Backlinks Do You Need?

You see it’s all about search engine “trust”.

And .edu and .gov websites have MUCH higher trust in the eyes of search engines than regular websites.

The only problem is a time-sucking nightmare to try and manually scour the Internet for .edu and .gov backlinks.

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“Dominate Top 10 of Google in 24 – 72 hours” [Video Proof]

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Fellow Warriors,

What if I could show you a powerful link building strategy that could get you TOP 10 rankings in Google on command, would you be interest? A strategy so powerful and effective that it can take a brand new website into the TOP 10 of Google in as little as 24 to 72 hours. Even if you have existing sites currently ranking in Google, this tactic takes only 60 to 90 minutes to implement and can drastically boost your rankings very quickly. I don’t care how competitive your keyword is or where you’re currently ranking, whether in the Top 100, Top 50, or Top 10, because implementing this strategy just once can give you a nice boost in Google.

“Sounds interesting Joe, but what’s the strategy?” We all know that to rank any website for a keyword you need to get backlinks. My tactic focuses on a very creative way to get high quality backlinks from authority sites that have large amounts of
content, massive amounts of backlinks pointing to them, and the backlinks you get from these sites are on pages with very low outbound links. You don’t need to write articles or submit to article directories, no forum posting, no complicated link wheels or profile links, and no spammy blog commenting. I repeat, you don’t have to write a single piece of article . These are real backlinks from real high quality sites that last a very long time. Because these sites have such high authority, getting backlinks from them forces Google to pull your site towards the top 10.

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Optimize Pro – 6 Killer Profit Optimizing PHP Scripts

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OptimizePro is a collection of effective php software products that allow you to run your business more effectively…

The ultimate toolkit of products that cover everything you need to get the most of out of your marketing. From creating a website, to making it mobile ready to advance tracking and testing!

Forget about spending alot of money on different services, because this includes everything you need to get started without any extra cost…

6 Killer Optimizing PHP Software Products

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. You can use all of them, or just the ones you need for that product. The freedom is up to you…
Flexible And Ready To Work With Your Business

Wether your in real estate or internet marketing or any other niche, these scripts will integrate seemlessly into your marketing, guaranteed!
Effortless Install – No Complex mySQL or Databases!

If you can send an email, you can install these scripts. Just drag and drop which service you want to use, and your done!

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