“How I Make 5 Figures A Month Selling Physical Products!” You’re Gonna S$#@ When You See This

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Dear Fellow Warriors,

Are you sick and tired of promoting crappy clickbank products and not making any real money online? Are you feed up with Facebook apps? PPC?

The whole get rich BullS$$t…some people are teaching and promoting total garbage and it is getting way out of hand, so I am taking a stand and telling you like it is! Straight up…

There is no pie in the sky or magic button that will get you there, believe me I have eaten all the pie I can stand and bought every magic button out there…they don’t work…PERIOD!

Don’t get me wrong, there are opportunities out there to bank a lot of money fast, but they are rare… unless you either find an untapped market or hit the lottery.

I feel your pain, believe me when I say been there done that. i wasted thousands of hours of my precious time and energy on this and that, spending money on things that just didn’t work for me, making very little money and seeing no real results…it sucked big time.

In 2003 I discovered drop shipping, way back then there wasn’t really many people selling drop shippers list and it was even harder to find companies that even offered to drop ship their products to my customers.

Then in 2005 I found a solution to my problem and it has worked like a charm for me ever since, and it wasn’t done by buying saturated manufactures list and selling the same thing everyone else was selling online.

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[1000+ sales] *SICK REVIEWS* Offline Noobie Closed $7.500 in his first 2 months:STUPID simple method

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Dear Internet Marketers,

You and I most likely have a similar path. For most of us it starts with a job we don’t like, a boss that gets on our nerves. The bills that kill the joy of coming home, as we have to face the mailbox or the inbox!

You struggle for years online with no success, you got all kinds of Clickbank products, most the sales you made were from your own purchases, so you’d get some knowledge cheap!

I was ready to throw the towel, maybe you are too. Then you discover the HOLY GRAIL… Offline marketing .

And the sea of helpless businesses that need your skills. YES, finally you made it…

All those years and it is finally coming together. You buy a few more WSOs, watch a lot of videos, learn a few tricks and solid methods to rank fast…

You are on your way.

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[Google Love Method] The Last Offline WSO You Will Ever Need To Buy! Business In a Box System! PROOF

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Offline RockStars,

Dr. Dan here (rockstarinlife), and I want to get right to the point and not drag this out with a long hyped up salespage. For those of you that know me, I been a member of the Warrior Forum since 2009. I signed up for the forum so I could learn some new strategies to sell more of my published books online.

Fast Forward to Today…

After falling in love with Offline Marketing a few years ago, back when The Warrior Forum didn’t even have an Offline Marketing Section. I have been CRUSHING it with a new strategy and service that I call my Google Love Package.

So as you can see…. I am DOMINATING the local searches for all my clients! Here is the best part… You can be doing the same thing in the next 24 hours!

Like I said before… I do’t want to make this a long drawn out salepage where I promise you a bunch of things that never get delivered. I have held nothing back in this Manual/Blueprint!

I have my personal coaching clients and other Warriors saying I am CRAZY for releasing my strategies for less than $1,000.

Here’s Just a Glimpse Of What I Reveal …

“Business In A Box”


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Fellow Warriors,

Let me ask you a question…a serious question…

Are you automating your SEO efforts? Seriously…are you taking advantage of all the push button SEO solutions out there that can literally get you 1,000’s of links in a very short period of time?

If you’re not…you’re missing out…It’s just that simple.

First of all, let me address something that I know some of you are thinking…RIGHT OFF THE BAT.

“But, Don and Jeremy..so and so told me that you shouldn’t use tools like that because you will get penalized, what do you have to say about that”

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[Tons Of Rave Reviews] – Media Buying Guidebook – CPA Offer Promotion For The Big Dogs

Price: $37

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Hello Fellow Warriors,

If you’re seeking some flashy gimmick method that will produce a ton of money overnight with no effort on your part, click away from this now, that’s not what this is about.

You might be asking why a guy nicknamed “PPC Coach” is offering a media buying guidebook? Well I run several sites and have several business partners as I am a firm believer in diversifying my business. My partner in this venture is Carl, he’s a media buying expert and he’s laid it all out in this guidebook for you.

One thing Carl & I refuse to promise anyone big money, unless they do one thing, put in the effort. I’ve trained thousands of affiliate marketers over the years and some have gone on to make millions while others have not. The difference between the two is one thing, EFFORT.

This guide will not make you rich, you will make yourself rich by implementing everything we show in the guide.

When promoting CPA offers, (or anything really), if you want to make a lot of money, you’re going to have spend a lot of money to do so. That doesn’t mean you need thousands and thousands to start, you can start small and build your way up. That’s what we show you. How to re-invest back into your campaigns, building them bigger, reaching more people, driving more traffic and therefore making more money. All the steps in between you today and you as a rich person are in this guide.

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The Magnetic Marketing System

Price: $497

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This tutorial will show you a few simple tweaks you make to your existing videos to make them appear in the search engines (and get your HEAPS) more traffic.

This little known trick is effective as it works by simply ‘telling’ the search engines what your site is about. Without these tags (and the correct tags) you are able to tap into streams of targeted traffic. Many business, especially local, dont know about this technique, and many markets are incredibly easy to get a page 1 listing in Google.

Action Steps:

Choose one of your previously uploaded videos, preferably the YouTube Video (Youtube are owned by Google 🙂 )
Socially bookmark the URL on a few popular sites

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$21,000+ in 4 days from 1 WSO? – – – CLICK HERE – – (5 Buyers already got WSO of the DAY!)

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Fellow Warriors,

There is nothing as heart pounding and adrenaline rushing as the sound of a sale a minute coming into your in-box. And I know – because just a few short days ago – it happened to me. I was excited, I was giddy, and I was sweating it like never before because…

I screwed up not once, not Twice, But 4 Times!

And these were NOT insignificant or minor screwups. They were big time and could have jeopordized my WSO. I was high as a kite and terrified at the same time.

This all started on a Wednesday afternoon when I had about 5 hours to kill – so I decided to spend it putting together a little instructional course that I might put up as a WSO. Little did I know that within the next few days –

My Inbox was overflowing with HUNDREDS of “Notification of Payment recieved” emails

How did this happen? Why did this happen? How can YOU Make it happen? Is it hard to do? Does it cost a lot of money? Is it “newbie” friendly?

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