Dan Sumner – Bloggers Roadmap
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Everybody should have a blog on-line, it’s the most important website you’ll ever create bar none. It helps your readers connect with you & find out what you are really about. If done right you can generate traffic, build your income & make huge profits while creating an army of followers.

However, there is a problem? Not everybody knows the way to start a blog that’s going to bring these sort of results. You see so many people starting web-blogs, posting a few articles & then giving up due to lack of traffic, content, comments etc. This happens because those people are doing it wrong.

So when I found out that blogging expert, Dan Sumner had put together a comprehensive guide called The Bloggers Roadmap I’d to find out more. After reading The Bloggers Roadmap from cover to cover here are my thoughts.

First of all let’s look at the product.

The Bloggers Roadmap is a complete guide to setting up & profiting from your very own web-blog. It is a 27,000 word e-Book that Daniel has poured all of things he knows about blogs & blogging into a single guide. It is very well written & covers all of thing you need to know.

Throughout the guide Dan has added tons of ‘blog tips’ to give you more ideas & I must say these are great little additions.

There is also a collection of video tutorials made by Dan which you can access as an extra investment. Again, these are well presented & walk you through the actual physical process of setting up your own web-blog, although the video clips are not a requirement, if you feel you’re a newbies in the blogging world they would probably help you get more from the product. So I must say they’re more than worth the investment.

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Dr Frank Kinslow – Exercises for Quantum Living: Quantum Entrainment
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What you will learn on this recording:

· The Quantum Entrainment® Process
· Understanding Eufeeling™
· When to use QE
· Fixing Financial Worries
· QE on the Job
· Emotional Healing
· Physical Healing
· Space Walking

In this recording you will actually learn the Quantum Entrainment® process and then how to apply Quantum Entrainment® to overcome your financial worries, improve your job situation and dispel negative emotions and physical infirmities. You will even learn Space Walking, a radical new way of seeing your world that will generate fun and fulfillment in your everyday life. You will be personally guided by Dr. Frank Kinslow, the discoverer and only teacher of the Quantum Entrainment® process through the simple steps of each exercise. Under his gentle supervision you will begin to realize results from the very first session.

Mark Timberlake – Blogging – How To Write Marketing Blogs For Your Business
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Blogging – Blogging For Business

Blogging for business – learn how to write blogs that generate leads and sales – learn professional modern blog and article writing techniques

Do You Want To Learn How To Write Blogs Or Articles That Drive Specific Marketing Objectives?

But don’t know where to start?

If you understand the AIDA principles of copywriting…

…And if you know how to balance traditional copywriting skills with solid SEO techniques…

…Then getting people to engage with your writing will be much much easier.

Copywriting In The Digital Age:

A lot of copywriting courses focus on sales copy.

Or they focus on SEO (search engine optimisation).

In this course we balance the two needs together, so that you can write great sales copy and also perform well when it comes to getting found in search.

AIDA Copywriting:

We will show you how to apply the time honored process of using the AIDA copywriting techniques and apply them to blog writing and article writing.

Once you understand the ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE and ACTION phases of writing good content, the improvement to your writing will be dramatic.

Targeting A Niche Audience:

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when writing marketing material, is that they do not target a niche audience.

In this course we will guide you through that process and explain how you write to “BOB”, your target client.

Balancing Copy With Keyword Research:

An important aspect of modern copywriting is balancing traditional copywriting skills with SEO needs.

In this course we will take you through that process and show you some simple techniques for researching keywords and keyword phrases you can use in your blogs or articles.

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Jordan Belfort – Straight Line Marketing
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Get flooded with new customers, and explode the size of your business, without ever making another cold call!

Increase your sales by up to 320% in 30 days! The world’s #1 Sales Trainer has finally adopted his life changing sales system to the online world. The results are staggering!

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Picture This – The Marketer’s Guide to Visual Content
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Think of the Oscars selfie that almost broke Twitter, the street portraits on the Humans of New York photoblog, the Instagram takeover of pop culture: Images shape our world and our conversations. (Sometimes—as in the case of teenagers and Snapchat—they are the conversation.)

As storytelling becomes more and more part of marketing, visual content is developing into one of content marketing’s most powerful assets. Brands are becoming more visual. They’re making compelling updates on image-driven networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, and using photos, videos, infographics, and slideshows as storytelling devices to redefine their presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Visual content helps you connect with customers immediately and powerfully.

In this 21-page guide, you’ll discover how visual content is upending the way brands communicate with their customers—and which brands are doing it best.

You will learn:

The types of visual content that cut through the digital noise to showcase your brand’s personality
Tips on telling visual stories that drive emotional reactions
How to build relationships with your most engaged customers
… and more!

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Debbie Drum – Speedboat Print Publishing
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Price: $97

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Putting Your Full-Color Book in Print is MUCH Easier Than You Ever Could Have Imagined!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Step by Step instructions on how to publish Full Color Print on Demand Books on CreateSpace
Free Template Resources – Never Pay for A Template Again!
Formatting Image Training (it’s very different from digital books). Includes Images Sizes and Proper Formats
Extensive Image Training (It’s the most important part of this entire process)
Exactly how to format images so your document is the best and highest quality – ERROR FREE (You are not going to impress your friends or customers with poorly formatted books and blurry images – I’ll show you the right way to do everything!)
Case Study – How not to want to pull your hair
out during this process like I almost did (Microsoft Word could be making changes to your documents that will cause your books to look bad and have errors, I found the source of the problem so you can avoid it!
Physical Book Covers: How To Create Print Book Covers and Back Covers….and I introduce new and unique ideas for Back Covers that no one is doing
$297 Bonus: PowerPoint Profits: PowerPoint is a hidden Goldmine. You’ll discover the latest Public Domain Sites for FREE images, How to create children’s book Book Trailers, and Even Children’s Video Books!
Another Bonus: Print Platform Differences: Authors are always asking me about the differences between the print platforms like LULU, Ingram Spark, etc. This bonus answers those questions!

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