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This is a 61 page guide of complete “how to set up an autoblog.” The guide includes screen shots and easy steps.

If your eyes glaze over at the thought of setting up a wordpress blog-then this guide is for you!

The book is targeted to those who are new to autoblogging but goes into advance methods. I start with changing name servers-plug-in configuration-to promotion. I actually tell you the steps to configure your plugins and provide links to the plugins that I personally use.The plugins are all free and no crohn jobs involved.

I show how to set up 3 different types of auto blogs on your paid host and for those that are cash strapped-I show 2 methods to set up an autoblog on a free platform. So the only additional money that you need to spend is if you want your own hosting and domain name.

When I first started out trying to autoblog- there were plenty of guides, but none went into detail. All the guides left out the details that I needed as a newbie.Usually the guide went something like this: ” install wordpress, install plugins, activate plugins and your good to go.” So I was like “But now what do I do?”

Well this guide answers that and more. I have read just about every ebook & report out there-paid for and not- and I guarantee my ebook is not like any others out there.