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Okay guys I just got a hold on this course. And I have to say I love it! The OP has given 5 different kind of methods to flip sites. First he provides an overview of each method which really is nice so you can see what the process in rough details for what each flip requires.

Then he moves onto step by step instructions he not letting you just hang there. He provides every single detail so you know exactly what to do.

He also goes into great detail on how to do proper keyword research(he actually made a video) so you can get quick rankings and your sites will start to get organic traffic and profits so they will sell for more

This is a highly recommend product. This a great guide on flipping. The seller does a great job of breaking down his best 5 methods of flipping sites on Flippa. Having seen many courses on Flipping I feel the ideas shared here are worth your time. The only negative is the seller assumes you know how to flip on and this guide really only focuses on his methods for creating sites that have been proven profitable for him. I wouldn’t say his methods are new, but he goes into some nice detail which makes this course one I learned from and would recommend.