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Super-Advanced, Blackhat AdWords Tactics.
“Super-Bully, Undercutter, Whiplash & DBP Methods Revealed” –$400/Day!

(BLACKHAT Edition) – $27!

This IS super-advanced.

This IS über-blackhat. (”mostly” ethical, though)

This IS NOT sparta. (Go figure)

I want to show you some of the [u]super-advanced AdWords tactics I’m using to get dirt-cheap clicks on AdWords, “unbeatable” Quality Scores and “insane” CTRs, just to name a few things (doing lesswork than ALL my competitors, you’ll see more on this inside).

The methods might all have fancy names, but that ISN’T all.

These are ALL completely unique and extremely innovative.

Here are some screenshots PROVING my earnings:

And the results from a brand new ClickBank account:

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Exclusive For Newbies! Earn $50 Assured Income Per Day! New Program!



Ad posting Program is an easy program where you can earn money by posting one line comment and website Links in Blogs, Forums, Directories and Guest Books. For each Link posted you will be paid Minimum $0.52 . You no need to sell anything or you no need to market anything just post the links and you will be paid. You no need to bother whether anyone is Clicking the Links or not. If it is Posted you will be paid.

Its an US Based Company and it is the only one company of its kind paying money for posting Links. So you can’t find anywhere in the web by searching for this company.

In my Experience One can Post 10 Links per Hour. So calculate If you can work for 8-9 hours daily you can post 80-100 links. Each Link you will be paid $0.52 and if you post 100 links a day you can earn $52. This is the Minimum payout I am talking about. Their payment varies from 0.52 to $4.50 per posting.

You no need any Special Skills for this. You should have Basic Internet Knowledge.

Advantages of this Ad Posting program:

1. No Selling or Marketing.
2. Daily payment Through Paypal or Western Union Money.
3. Work from Cyber cafes.
4. Guaranteed payment.
5. Websites List will be Provided by the Company.

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There are a lot of people who struggle to withdraw their money out of paypal. If you are one of those, then here is a good news for you.

Now you can :-

1 – Withdraw money from paypal account without having any bank account or credit card.
2- You dont have to provide any address proofs, utility bills etc.
3- All you need to do is :- Buy my ebook, and you don’t have to spend any more money to apply my methods.
4- The methods discussed in my e-book are legal and and can be adopted by anyone of any region or any country.

Price is just $ 25 

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Price: $49

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Q: What is it you’re selling?
A: An eBook that will teach every of it’s readers how to make a super profitable business from PPC (Pay-per-Click) programs!

Q: Is it a Black Hat?
A: I told you from the very beginning (even on it’s title) it is Black Hat!

Q: Then, will it be saturated somehow? Or any chance of being banned?
A: There are some risks that will leads you on several banishment (it’s black hat after all), however, there are some tricks people can do in order to avoid that! I don’t think this technique can be saturated since there will be so many ways on doing it – however I will limit the copies of this eBook!

Q: You said, it’s very unique – how many people used it so far?
A: I’d like to say that there will be no one using it until now! It’s a mix technique between a very new and completely technical matters and online businesses models! No need to worry – you’ll be first person to witness this very technique!

Q: Do I need any skills on doing it?
A: Although it’s a technical matters – all scripts are given! You’ll only need to know how to use it, and it’s totally easy!

Q: Will it works on Google AdSense?
A: We’re (I mean me and some of my colleagues) testing it on Google AdSense and several more PPC companies such as AdBrite and AdEngadge – it works real fine!

Q: Oh come on .. Google AdSense is good on catching people who cheated their systems – your technique is not exception!
A: There are 2 factors why this technique won’t be caught so easily! We’re not doing fake/invalid clicks or something lame like that! Try and you’ll know what I’m trying explain here~

Q: Will it be an eBook or an eClass?
A: For those who want it fast, they can ask for a *.pdf file and I will deliver it in no more than 3 hours after the payments completed! But for those who demand additional explanations on it – they can request 1 hour online coaching (via MSN/YM) for this! It won’t be hard, everything will be explained very clear, fast and all scripts are included in your file!

Q: I’m interested! Now, how much for the eBook?
A: Good question! I will be selling it for US$49 per copies and there will only be 30 copies sold! There won’t be any adjusment to this limit – once I closed the selling, there won’t be more copies to be sold, not at all!

Q: You gave guarantee for this?
A: Sure! As always – I will return your money back! All of it! If this technique doesn’t work and/or you think that it’s not for you (for any reasons).

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Price: $200

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Due to the response in my PM’s from a post I did on another CPA Coaching thread, I have decided to make this a little more “Public” to all interested in CPA Coaching.

I have a Free Report that I send out to my subscribers, and this was how I originally got my first prospects into my Coaching a few months back.

My prices range from $200. – $1000 for Personal – One on One coaching. This is not “Pre Made” material at all. You can consider this a cheap college class as you will be required to ask questions, take notes, and even mini tests to ensure your skill level.

The coaching will consist of Group calls with Skype, and even Personal calls as well. More information about all this is stated in my report.

There are only 10 spots available for the upcoming sessions, and 2 have been filled from my Opt In list, so that gives 8 spots left.

If you’re interested in this report, then please send me your contact information to [email protected].

This will go fast, so I recommend you act fast. If you decide to take the coaching, there is a special discount for DP members only.

More information on how the pricing module works, and guarantee is in my report as well.

To Your CPA Success,

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Make $$$ / month using ORKUT
730$ in 1 month | Just 30 min work daily

Salient features of the ebook / method:

  • 30min setup then autopilot to earn around $20+ a day (Made 730$+ in a month) 5min work everyday will lead more to better earning!!
  • Step by step explanation with screen shots
  • NO investment required
  • Better results in countries having large number of users on Orkut (India / Brazil)

Proof of payout:Will be PMed on request

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Attention: Marketers Who Know Opportunity When They See It.

“How Much More Money Would You Make


IfYour Site Was Listed on the Top Of


Google, Yahoo, and MSN”


Innovative New SEO System Shows You How to Get Out of the PPC Trap – And, Yes, It’s Guaranteed!

Dear Fellow Marketer:

Are you tired of paying exorbitant PPC costs?

Worse yet, are you in a position where you just flat-out can’t afford them? Think about it – after paying your PPC costs, and allowing for returns, what’s left?

Not much, I bet.

Even if your head is above water, you’re paying a hefty part of your hard-earned income to PPC engines. If you just can’t afford them, chances are you’re not making much money.

Seems like a trap, doesn’t it?

Well, it is.

How a Newbie Marketer With Less Than a Year of Experience Pulled Off Some Artful Google Jiu-Jitsu

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