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This 65 page e-book will show you a demonstrated method to earn big bucks with adult image hosting.

WARNING: This method involves Adult content and a bit of Blackhat techniques.

You will need some money to get the method to work, for domain and hosting.

These being said, price is: $10 for the ebook Paypal Only

No More review copies available

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The only product in the market that provides you with free lifetime Adsense strategies and
expensive keyword list!

I have been running Google Adsense in my site sine 2007 and can easily understand how difficult it is for new publishers to hit that measly $100 for that Google check to come to you.

For the first few months, I tried almost every methods and means to increase my Adsense revenue. Finally, I have discovered 4 marvelous strategies that increases my revenue more than 10,000% from the first month!

Now, I have prepared to share these 4 + 3 (updated for 2009) proven strategies with you to help you maximize your Adsense revenue. But before that, I have more bonuses for you!

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I am selling one of the most flexible blackhat CPA affiliate methods ever. For more information visit Ultimate blackhat page where you can purchase this amazing script + ebook.

The feedback speaks for itself. This is just too good to miss out on.

So what is different in V4? Well, now you will be running a chameleon page. It will actually change depending on who views it. Search Engines and people will see it as a normal whitehat page unless you want them to see the darker side. Affiliate companies will see legit clicks and impressions and even if they do decide to take a closer look they will realize that the traffic is coming from an absolutely legit page containing their banners. They can even have a look at the source code and everything will be 100% normal. However the page will turn blackhat whenever you drive other visitors to it that you want to convert.

This actually helps you avoid unnecessary questions from your affiliate about the source of traffic and you don’t even have to do any affiliate link masking nor double meta redirects. Its great!

It all can be yours for $50. Previous buyers get a free upgrade as usual.

No review copies will be given for obvious reasons. I actually have hundreds of reviews already so if you ask for a review copy you will get red repped.

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How To: Manipulate YouTube Search Engine, Get More Video Plays, Gain Popularity, Drive Traffic To Any Website, Dominate Any Market And Make A Boat-Load Of Money.
The Fastest, Most Stupidly Simple Way To Get More YouTube Views, Flood Any Website With FREE Unstoppable Traffic And Increase Sales, Even If Your Video’s More Boring Than Grandma’s BINGO Night!

“What This Video Teaches, In A Nutshell”

How To Increase Video Plays On The Hottest Spots At YouTube, Unleashing Floods Of Free Traffic Anywhere You Choose!

You’ll Learn:
The ONLY three factors that matter most to YouTube’s search engine and how you can TOTALLY manipulate them all at will.

A SECRET trick that can IMMEDIATELY have your video popping up after some of the most insanely popular videos on YouTube.

How to legally STEAL hundreds and thousands of views away from POPULAR VIDEOS and send them all to YOUR site.

A particularly evil way to make sure that people feel stupid if they don’t click through to your website.

The one part of your video page that can send stampedes of targeted buyers to your video that is being almost ignored by the masses.

A cut and paste and dangerously effective way to turn those YouTube views into IMMEDIATE PayPal cash.

These strategies work in ANY niche and even better in the more competitive ones.

And much much more.
If You’re Not Cashing In On The Monster Flow Of Hyper-Responsive Traffic That Is Pouring Into YouTube,
As You Read This Letter, Then What Are You Smoking?

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Hi Everyone,

The Dating Niche Is HOT! See How easily I earn $50 A day-Autopilot!

The Dating Niche is Smoking HOT And I will show you how to make the easiest money in this niche EVER! Internet Marketing Newbies Get in!

I will show you how I created a $50 dollars a day profit revenue stream in the adult dating niche and how you can just plain copy me to do the same… Without joking, the easiest money You will EVER make…Scroll down to see some proof!

I am sure you all keep hearing these stories about regular people making boatloads of cash online in the online dating niche.

This niche is so popular and there is so much cash being made daily by affiliates in this niche as we speak. that I decided to try it out for myself, and with much success for my first attempt if I may say so myself!

I am one of these regular people who has been quietly making some serious cash in this niche.

I came up with a method so easy that Newbies CANNOT go wrong or LOSE MONEY if they just do what I say and really TAKE ACTION and implement my system!

I’m giving you access to a step-by-step guide that details the exact steps I have used to make as much as $50 dollar in profit per day on autopilot!! Without lifting a finger after the initial set up.

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NO Tire Kickers in this thread Please!.




This method is BLACK HAT, so if you don’t like this please stop reading.



Ringtones Master BlackHat Guide!


This guide was written by RichUser right before his account got banned for an unrelated thread. I’m a good friend of his and I have been using this guide during the month of October to make a total of $8,639US. So I offered my help to sell the guide for him for a share of the profits. This method is FRESH and there is probably three people ( including me ) that are implementing this method. You need NO experience, NO website, NO capital, just this guide.

This guide is very short and sweet. You are provided with EVERYTHING you need to go out there and start making money. As soon as you get this guide simply follow the steps and you will start making money right away!

I am limiting the amount of sales to 20 to make sure it does not become over crowded. This guide is 100% UNIQUE.


What Industry?

This method is specifically designed for the ringtones industry only.

Country Restrictions?

NONE. This method can be applied by anyone in the world as long as you are a member of a specific network.


Simply be a member of this network and purchase this guide. You don’t need scripts, graphics, a website, or previous knowledge of how this works.

How Much can I make?

This depends on how you go about implementing this method, there are two ways to do so:
1. The free way = Less results but it costs nothing ( $100 – 200 Per Day )
2. The paid way = This is the method I used, and I made A KILLING with it. ($500 or more per day ).

The paid way described above will make things VERY easy, because you are paying for a spot that will allow you to drive MORE offers through, which means MORE $$ for you.

If you have ZERO money after you purchase this method, you can easily make your money back in a matter of days with one or two hours of work per day.

100% Support is included with the purchase price.




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