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My name is Mark Fric and I’m professional forex trader.

I’m going to reveal to you a system that is simple to learn and easy to trade even by complete newbie,
and moreover, the system that will take you maximum 10 minutes a day giving you consistent profits month by month.

Forex Morning Trade. It is 100% mechanical system with clear rules; it places one trade a day in the morning. It doesn’t require you to watch your position, the trade hits the profit or loss automatically.

Just imagine that your trading day looks as follows:
1. In the morning you’ll look at the charting platform and decide if you’ll open the trade – decision based on the rules of Forex Morning Trade system
2. If the conditions are met, you’ll simply place a trade and walk away. That’s all. You don’t need to sit in front of the screen, monitoring your positions. The trade will either hit profit target or stop loss automatically.