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The Box Method is a step-by-step video and PDF coursethat teaches you how to turn your cheap ebooks into
new and expensive multimedia courses — real ones!

I’ll take you through the process of creating professional audio CDs, creating CD-Roms with easy to navigate menus, and creating paperback books. Then I’ll show you how to cheaply package all of them into a professional-looking course so you can sell them for hundreds of dollars.

Why You Should Turn Your Ebook Into A Course Right Now

As an information product seller, you know the potential information products have to make serious money. But why continue selling ebooks for $7-$37 per copy when you could be selling courses with the same content for $97-$397?

Let’s look at the top information product salesmen, like Frank Kern, Carlton Sheets, and Tony Robbins. They all sell real courses that they mail to customers, and they’re making a killing do it. The price tags on these courses range from $297-$1,997.