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The GT-Shadow:

Imagine the RoboMiner EA on steroids. That is a good description of the GT-Shadow EA. The GT-Shadow, at its very basic settings, can trade the forex market in exactly the same way as the RoboMiner. Because of that, all the benefits that were previously listed for the RoboMiner are equally true for the GT-Shadow. But it can do even more!

Whereas the RoboMiner can only trade the AUDNZD and EURCHF currency pairs, the GT-Shadow can be set to trade any currency pair that you desire to trade. Like the RoboMiner, it trades using a custom grid strategy, but in the case of the GT-Shadow, you can define every aspect of that grid, including where it begins, how many Pips there are between each level, and many additional settings. It is for this reason that, unlike the RoboMiner, which is recommended for beginning traders, the GT-Shadow will appeal to and is best suited for traders who are experienced with using EAs.

As an added bonus, the GT-Shadow can actually trade 2 currency pairs of your choosing at one time, in your own customized hedge configuration. In this case, the GT-Shadow will calculate a “shadow” profit based on what your profit would be if you were trading those two pairs, and it will enter and exit the market at opportune times based on that shadow profit calculation. This is a very new and exciting concept in forex trading that is turning heads the world over.

There is a complete money-management system built in, so that you can have the GT-Shadow calculate the size of each trade based on a certain percentage of your balance, or of your equity, or of another amount that you wish to specify. In addition, you can simply tell it exactly how many lots you wish to buy or sell. If you are hedge trading, the GT-Shadow will automatically calculate the hedge for you, and you even have additional settings that you can use to further modify the results of those hedge calculations before they are used in determining the actual number of lots to trade.

Because the GT-Shadow is capable of hedge trading, it does not get its market information from the chart that it is placed on. For this reason, the Strategy Tester that is built into the Metatrader platform is unable to backtest the GT-Shadow at certain settings. However, the RoboMiner backtests will give you a good idea of what the GT-Shadow can do, and, of course, the GT-Shadow will provide plenty of data for you in forward testing.

There is so much flexibility and power built into the GT-Shadow that it is hard to compare it with anything else that is out there in the forex trading market. It is truly the “Cadillac” of expert advisors.