How to get on the GOOD SIDE of Paypal – (1600+ Happy Customers!)

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Dear Warrior,

I got the shock of my life a couple of weeks ago!

In several years of marketing online I had NEVER experienced anything like this.

It all started because someone had purchased one of my products and then raised a dispute with paypal only minutes after!

This was confusing enough (it happens sometimes – that’s IM life), as they hadn’t had the chance to download the product before passing judgement… besides my refund rate is extremely low.

But worse still…

Paypal said they were investigating this AND limiting my account. I couldn’t withdraw any money to my bank account!

What the heck!!! And I hadn’t even done anything wrong! Normally paypal investigate these disputes but don’t limit your account as well!

Just under a week later they sent me a follow-up email. They’d finished their investigation and were happy with the way I was running my account. The limit was REMOVED and I breathed a huge sigh of relief!