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SocialBot Features

RSS Monitoring for Automatic Submission. Social Bot monitors your feeds, Facebook, WordPress, etc. Once a change is detected the program will submit it for you with no intervention from your side.

Auto Fill Company Profiles with Random Names, Usernames and Passwords You don’t even have to create your own user names and passwords, Social Bot will randomly create them for you, that way you can create multiple profiles faster.

Import Pages from RSS Feeds Insert a feed URL and the program will import all the pages in that feed so you can decide what to send and where to send it to.

Decaptcher for Pligg and Scuttle Sites at the Signup Process To make the account creation process faster and less annoying.

Supports Popular Social Bookmarking Services Diigo, Facebook, Google, Multiply, Yahoo, MySpace, StumbleUpon, etc many popular services to submit to.

Spider Your Websites Automatically Insert you site’s top level URL and the program will get all the pages it has like making a sitemap. You can add exclusions if needed.

Automatic Account Creation For Pligg and Scuttle Sites Select your user name and password, search for a fresh list of Pligg Sites and create the accounts in automatic.

Support For Jet Spinner Syntax This is a very cool feature, a very simple way to diversify the value of your content. We also use this option in the account creation process like this: {name1|name2|name3|name4}, it always help to makes this look and the program will randomly create accounts with those names natural.

Supports Multiple Company And Account Profiles For more than one reason, either personal or for your business, it always help to have the ability to have multiple accounts.

Comprehensive Submission Reporting System Full reports either in PDF or Excel for the submissions you made.

Supports Unlimited Proxy Servers In plain English, you can make it look like you are submitting from more than one location.

Fully Threaded Submission For Speed You can increase the number of simultaneous submissions or threads to increase the speed of the whole submission process.

Automatic Service Updates Once and update is released, the program will notify you and automatically update the services it has.

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SliQ Submitter Plus Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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SliQ Submitter is a directory submission tool helping you submit your website details to hundreds of web directories.

One of the main ways of making your website perform better in searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing is to get more backlinks to your site. Submitting your website details to directories using our link building software is a quick and easy way of building backlinks.

SliQ Submitter makes the process of submitting to directories very easy indeed and even includes support for the captcha decoding services provided by decaptcher and DeathByCaptcha for fully automatic directory submission with captcha decoding.

Not only does SliQ Submitter Plus come with over 2000 web directories for you to submit to, SliQ also lets you add your own directories for use in the automatic directory submitter mode.

NEW! Now includes an email confirmation utility to save you even more time by automatically clicking confirmation links in emails.

You can download a free trial copy of SliQ Submitter by clicking on the button below.

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Product: Article Bot 2.0 Licence Key, Full Working Version Serial. Traffic Mania Article Bot 2.0
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Smart marketers have been using articles as a core part of their marketing mix for years. It’s one of those high-payoff activities that is just plain crazy not to do. Submitting articles to article directories gives the marketer instant credibility, instant traffic from the article sites and instant links that boost search engine rankings.

The long-term residual benefits stem from improved search engine rankings and the articles being used by publishers on other sites. Every article written and submitted produces immediate results as well as additional profits for years to come.

XGen SEO Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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How does XGen SEO™ Social Marketing compare to other SEO Software?

All other Social Marketing Software on the market today are still based on the OLD SEO techniques. Those types of software are mainly focused on On-Page optimization factors which only represent 10% of the SEO factors. They also use link building techniques that are still focused on the OLD link exchange techniques which Google has made clear they are against.

XGen SEO™ Social Marketing is built on the new Google ranking algorithm which focuses on building content rich quality links from social networking sites such as Blog, Forums, Bookmarking and RSS feeds. This is the ONE of the most important SEO elements to get your web site to the top 10 ranking. In fact, it represents 95% of the SEO factors.

XGen SEO™ Social Marketing will generate 100’s of high quality back-links from top social networking sites, faster than any other technique or tool in the world! These sites include ALL major Social Media, Blogs, Wikis, Article Marketing, Hubs, Groups, Micro Blogging, Social Networking, RSS and Ping sites.

How does XGen SEO™ Social Marketing work?

Step 1 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing will help you automatically create hundreds of accounts on 100+ Top Social Media and web 2.0 websites – at a click of a button! This is done with CAPTCHA resolved automatically! No manual intervention involved……believe it or not!

Step 2 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing verifies all those 100s of accounts created automatically! No need to open 100s of emails and click on each one to laboriously and manually verify each and every single account anymore!

Step 3 – It helps you create your article or Blog posts. You can get targeted article ideas or blog post ideas using your money keywords quickly. You can then create articles and blog posts using the ideas for your own website.

Step 4 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing will automatically spin your articles and blog posts into 10s of different versions! So it helps in minimizing the duplicate content issues.

Step 5 – It will automatically submit 10s of versions of your articles to dozens of high PR article directories! These include EzineArticles, Article Dashboard, Article Trader, Article Cube, Article Rich, Article Base, ArticleAlley, Amazines

Step 6 – Then it will automatically submit different versions of your article/blog posts to all the top blog sites, Hubs & Wikis! Some of these being Word Press, EasyJournal, BlogSpot, Zimbio, LiveJournal, WikiSpaces, Hubpages…

Step 7- It will automatically post links of your article/blogs to all major Micro Blogging & Social Networking sites such as Twitter, FriendFeed, LindedIn, and Facebook.

Step 8 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing then automatically takes all the new postings and bookmarks them to major book-marking sites! These include Delicious, Digg, Backflip, LinkAgogo, A1-webmarks, Diigo, Mixx, OYAX.

Step 9 – It then gathers all the RSS feeds from the social sites you submitted content to and submits all those feeds to RSS directories such as: Blo.gs, Feedbase.net, Feedboy, Feeds4all, Azfeeds…automatically!

Step 10 – XGen SEO™ Social Marketing then automatically gathers all the links from the sites you posted content to and Pings them all using pinging sites such as: Blo.gs, Feedburner, Blogstree, Feedster!

You can run the above steps as many times as you like with a few clicks of buttons and this will explode back-links onto your websites. This is simply traffic building on pure steroids!

XRumer 5.09 Palladium
Sale Page: N/A

Product Price: $540

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Internet marketers are always looking for ways to automate different aspects of their business. Some of the most time demanding activities includes advertising manually and generating links for your website so that you can get higher rankings in the search engine. Xrumer is a software program designed to do exactly these two things on autopilot.

So what exactly does Xrumer do? This program scours the Internet to find message boards, guest books, and blogs you can post your link on. It goes through the major search engines using the keywords you set for it, the domain extension, and even the type of site. By waiting a couple of minutes after you start searching, you will get back a result of several thousand sites.

The program works in conjunction with Hrefer which basically is what takes care of the posting. You can save your list, load any of your saved lists, and even run some advanced features. One of the features that come really handing is the scheduled posting. This allows you to schedule when to send out your posting so you can make it synch with the launch of your marketing campaign.

Admittedly, this program steers into what many people call black hat marketing. It can easily be abused if used out of context. The best way to use Xrumer is to target sites that are related to your own and make sure you post different content so that you don’t just go around spamming blogs and message boards with a promotion about your business. The goal here should be to get a link back to your site to get an opt-in or increase your search engine rankings.

Xrumer Review

Xrumer addresses all the challenges you would have with this kind of program including a proxy feature so you don’t rely on your web host or ISP, an automatic registration feature for message boards, an automatic CAPTCHA solver for sites that use such technology, multi threading options to control how often and how much you send out your posts, and a text changing feature so you can post unique content.

XRumer is targeted towards Internet marketers that know what they are doing. Obviously this program is not targeted towards beginners. Most people purchasing this program will know how search engine optimization works, how to build their campaigns, and understand the risks of using black hat strategy. XRumer also requires some technical knowhow and there is a learning curve but this can be solved by spending enough time with the program.

In conclusion, Xrumer has received positive reviews from buyers of the software program. It does what it claims to do and even comes with a huge list of sites you can start posting on. Again, this program is not intended to be used by beginners and comes with a hefty price tag compared to other Internet marketing products. However, it is easily worth the cost if you use the program correctly.

WP SnowBall 1.0.6 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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The Snowball Concept:

The concept behind the tool is more a case of reinventing the wheel, but doing a damn fine job at it. Think what BMW did to British Leyland’s Mini, and you’ll get the point I am trying to make.

First you write a blog post on your blog and publish it (pretty normal)

However, the magic is what occurs after this publishing event: WP Snowball goes off to different content sources on the web, such as Ezine articles, Yahoo Answers, PR Web among others, and creates a series of additional related posts based on your article.

See the following graphic for a more visual representation of the idea:

What you end up with is a system that is automatically creating related content posts based on the seed article.

Why is that good? Because it is the easiest way I know to create 100s and 100s of blog posts around a theme which you can then get indexed in Google.
What you are getting in this system is the ability to create lots and lots of pages with relevant themes and lots of different keyword weightings. That means that you literally capture 1000s of very low hanging keyword fruit with very little effort.

I have seen some very significant traffic spikes after just a few days of having this plug-in installed. What’s more, because a citation approach is taken when quoting the content, with all the links and articles cited correctly, it’s therefore pretty much a whiter-than-white affair (apart from the fact that you can then turn off the citation links in the back office.

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WP Squeeze Pro | Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos (100% working with the latest WordPress)
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24 Templates…and that’s just a start

Proven and tested squeeze pages have been made into templates for you to use. Just point…click…done!

Build Your Owneasy to convert format

The built-in templates are easy to modify. Or if you prefer, you can convert any other squeeze page into a template…it’s very simple!

Easy IntegrationWorks with any theme

Whether it’s Optimize Press, Thesis, or any other theme…WP Squeeze Pro integrates with them all…seamlessly!

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