WP Subscribers 1.40 Free Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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WPSubscribers is a wordpress plugin for subscribers list building. With this, you are able to add as many wordpress opt-in plugins as you like, then constitute them together to appear on your blog. The process is relatively simple and it does not take a genius to work this. This “must have” plugin also helps to do your mail list building, which is one vital part of many online businesses.

This comprehensive wordpress plugin is not like any other. After installing the plugin, you can be assured that your blog or website’s subscription rate will go over 300%. It simply shows that you can transform your site into a real money making machine.

Furthermore, the WPSubscribers has unique features to make opt-in forms as many as you want. If there are troubles, it can easily be fixed or configure. You can see that the subscriber list building feature can be done directly.

The WPSubscribers is one extraordinary tool – responsive and supports the site’s subscription value. There are so many benefits you can derived from this wordpress opt-in plugin. The Facebook integration allows you more vistors to come and pass. Remember the more syubcription you have, the greater revenue it brings.

There are a lots of similar plugins available but nothing comes close with the WPSubscribers when it comes to turning your site into a money making machine.

For a value of $37, you can earn up to $1000 by installing this comprehensive plugin. Many people have misinterpreted the power of mail list building for their site’s potential. Nonetheless, this is the time to have things corrected.

Make sure that you download the WPSubscriber to make things easier for you.


With WPSubscribers, you can create unlimited number of subscribe forms which include popup forms, footer bar forms, custom forms, exit popups, and more… and each of them can has its own content and can be used separated at the same time.
WPSubscribers could be used with any email service such as Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, GetResponse, Prosender, Emailaces, …
WPSubscribers can add a Facebook Connect button to anywhere in your website that allows visitors to be subscribed to your mailing list in seconds!
Instant Download
Free updates
Use on as many domains as you need
Installation and configuration support
Frequent feature additions and updates


Integrates with million Facebook Users

Compatible with popular web browsers such as Yahoo!, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and many more
Several techniques for subscriber list building like footed bars, user registration, sidebar widgets, pop up forms, comments and even hidden content opt-in
Automatically encodes visitor’s profile (name, email and other relevant information)
Works with unlimited mail list building
Full control in display settings
Put opt-in forms in anywhere in the site’s premise

Product: WP Super Popup Pro Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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Discover how to really grow your subscribers or sales increasing rate by 400% in just 5 minutes!

It is proved that a modal and graphically attractive popup provides an higher conversion rate than other more conventional ways.
WP Super Popup Pro will make you able to easily create beautiful and unblockable popups which can be used in order to show any kind of opt-in forms or to promote your products in a more profitable way.

Building lists is, without any doubt, the most important key factor for all the Internet marketers: thanks to its revolutionary and unconventional features, WP Super Popup Pro is a WordPress Plugin which can really grow your subscriber or sales increasing rate by 400% just after being installed!

It is proved that a modal and graphically attractive popup provides an higher conversion rate than other more conventional ways: WordPress Super Popup Pro will make you able to easily create and manage modal, beautiful and unblockable popups, exit popups or sliding layers which can be used for creating subscription forms or to promote your products in a more profitable way on your WordPress powered website.

Multiple popup graphical themes: you can choose between 5 different popup themes (strong, slim, rounded or squared border)
Multiple popup types: your can choose between a standard popup (centered in the window) or a sliding layer (coming up from the bottom or coming down from the top)
Different custom popups: you can just create a single popup for the entire website or also create a custom popup for every single page or post
Email auto-load: your subscription form will automatically pre-load the user name and email if he previously left a comment on your blog
Real WYSIWYG: The popup content is not affected by the stylesheets of your blog: what you edit is EXACTLY what you will see inside the popup.
Embed everything: inside the popup you can ember a custom content, a blog page content or also an external url
Live preview: you can directly test any update before saving the configuration options
Full compatibility with any caching plugin: the cookies are handled on the client side so the plugin is not affected by issues related to any caching plugin
Sidebar, page and post injection: your subscription forms can also be loaded as widgets on the sidebar or inside any page/post published on the blog
Custom Thank you messages: if you use a mailing service like Aweber or GetResponse you can easily replace its standard confirmation page with you own thank you message
Multiple opening options: you can configure your popup in order to be opened for a certain number of times, every a certain number of days or just when a visitor is going to leave your website (exit popup)
Custom popup positioning: by default the popup will appear at the centre of the page, but you’ll be able to specify an absolute position

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WP Syndicator 1.7.2 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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If you blog to make money, I’m about to show you a few tricks you can do with a simple plugin that will send your traffic and income through the roof…

By the time you finish reading this letter I’ll show you how to…

Instantly build backlinks and HUGE surges of traffic to your blog…
Automatically build DEEP one-way links to propel your blog to the top of the search engines…
How to turn 10 auto-blogs into 150+ with the click of a button…
AND accomplish this all on 100% autopilot…

You simply upload to your blog like you would any plugin…

Step 1: You create accounts (or use your existing ones) at the sites you wish to syndicate to (Takes 5-10 minutes).

Step 2: Configure the plugin. You can tell it to syndicate your old content and let it know if you want automatic or manual syndication for future posts (Takes less than 5 minutes).

Step 3: Everytime you post your content is syndicated to the top 15 web 2.0 sites, resulting in high quality backlinks, rapid indexing, deeplinking and instant traffic…

Now here’s where it gets really powerful…

It Automatically Syndicates Your Content Across High Authority Sites… Instantly pointing high quality links and instant traffic to EVERY post on your blog…
It Creates Backlinks With Your Keywords As Anchor Text… The keywords you use in your links are EXTREMELY important to your SEO presence, with WP-Syndicator you can manually insert keywords or choose to allow the software to automatically extract them from your posts…

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Sale Page: http://www.bravenewcode.com/store/plugins/wptouch-pro/

Product Price: $199

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The following is a review of the WPTouch Pro Mobile Theme. This is a premium theme that I paid for. This is NOT a sponsored review. I’ve been an big advocate of keeping a website on one URL and not using m.example.com, example.com/mobile/, or example.mobi as your solution (see Dangers of Multiple Website Versions). I’ve also shown example of how Google can get mobile website detection wrong. That said, I’m a big proponent of having a mobile website and delivering mobile optimized content to smart phones and the growing number of tablet devices. I have been using the free version of WPTouch for years, and it’s been on my list of recommended WordPress SEO plugins. However, three things frustrate me: the lack of branding, the lack of iPad support, and the lack of customization. Thankfully all three of these problems were solved by the premium version.

As of this writing, there are three pricing options: $39.95 for a single website, $69.95 for up to 5 websites, and $199.95 for an unlimited number of websites. I chose the middle option because, at the time of the purchase, I was unsure if I was going to like theme, but I figured that, even if it only gave me iPad support, I would use it on my 5 best sites and be done with it.

Installation is pretty easy. You download the zip file from the website then upload it through the plugin interface. Once uploaded, you put in your login/license and the theme is activated. If you are using a caching solution, you will need to enter the names of the mobile browser on the browser exception list. While you are setting it up, it’s probably a good idea to turn off caching just to make sure it’s not causing any problems.

Configuration is pretty straight forward, but there are a lot of options. You need to play around with a few of them to get them correct.

I’ll go over some of the important ones:

Make sure you enable iPad support under (Active Theme > iPad Settings).
You will need to upload a mobile logo (270 x 44) and (540 x 88) for the iPhone and and iPhone retina view. Personally I skipped the retina logo version. I do wish there was a logo for the portrait version of the iPad view though.
I turned off the dates under (Active Theme > Menu, posts pages).
Instead of the dates, I used the featured image under (Active Theme > Style Appearance >Thumbnail Icons ). You will need to make sure your theme supports featured image or you’ll need to enable it manually. If you don’t have featured images, your theme will show a blank camera icon.
Turn off the image as attachments setting to prevent double images from appearing.
I changed the colors slightly from the defaults and went with a sans-serif font (never try to argue that using serif font on a website is a good idea with me … it won’t end well … trust me)

One of the nice options is that it gives you the ability to back up your mobile settings should your blog “go boom”. Wait till you have everything set up how you want, then take advantage of that feature. It’s a nice bit of insurance to have and could save you time down the road.

One of the odd things that I didn’t like was the Google adsense support. The plugin supports mobile adsense for smartphones but not for the iPad version. This is a feature that has been requested a few times in the support forums. I am using a plugin to display ads randomly on all of my posts older than 7 days, so the iPad version does get ads but not mobile optimized ones. This does mean that smartphone users viewing posts older than 7 days get ads too. Unfortunately they bleed off the screen because they are too large.

Product: WP Turbo Version 1.3
Website: http://wpturbo.com/

Price: $17

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WPTurbo is a new premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerfull niche sites which create content, update themselves autonmatically and earn you income each month by various affiliate programs.

Advanced Template System
Each module has its own template that you can completely customise to suit your website.
Create Keyword Campaigns
Tailor the content to match your site’s niche through the use of keywords
Create RSS feed Campaigns
You can use any RSS feed to add content to your site
Create Category Based Campaigns
Add content from specifi Amazon, eBay and Oodle categories
20+ Modules Available
You can legally use content from over 20 sources, more being added all the time
Mix and Match Modules
You can mix together as many modules as you like for each post
Automatic Posting
Schedule when new posts are added automatically with WordPress or a CRON
Post as any User
Choose which user on your site, the auto posts are posted under
Automatically Tag Posts
WPTurbo will automatically determine tags and add them to the posts for search engine benefits
Filtering System
You can filter out specific words to better tailor the content for your niche
Multiple Income Sources
Add in your affiliate details and you can earn income from over 5 different sources
Affiliate Link Cloaking
Cloak your affiliate links so search engines and site visitors cant tell they are affiliated
Advanced Event Logging
Advanced event logging system so you can see clearly what has been posted and any problems
WordPress 3.1+ Compatible
Compatible with the latest version of WordPress 3.1+
Uses “Featured Images” for advanced themes
The WordPress post thumbnail or featured images is supported so you can use the latest themes
Free Support for One Year
Free support via our helpdesk for one year after purchase
Free Updates
Free updates to the plugin for one year after purchase
Instant Download after Payment
Receive your plugin download instantly after you pay, no annoying waiting
Use on unlimited Websites and sell them for profit
We have no restrictions on usage, pay once and use on as many websites as you own

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WP Tweet Bomb 1.6 Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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Introducing WP Tweet Bomb.

To setup automated, self-converting blogs with oodles of traffic you need FOUR things…

Unique, niche specific content. Lots of it.
Powerful organic tweeting to auto-promote every post the second it’s made.
Hassle free ways to generate revenue from your visitors.
It’s got to be fully automated.

What is WPTB doing for me?

Done-For-You Ads from Adsense, Commission Junction, Amazon & ClickBank means you don’t waste time finding searching for offers. (Plus you actually get more commissions because the ads are automatically relevant to the content)
Wildly “Set & Forget” your content, tweets & ads meaning you don’t squander your day baby sitting blogs.
Daily Email Reports show you at-a-glance what’s happened so you can do more enjoyable stuff. (If you value your time at only $7/hour, with 10 blogs these reports will save you $5,110 every year! … and I’m positive you value your time more than that.)
Content “De-Duper” produces unique content that’s visually no different than the original (and Google has lapped it up for the last 11 months)
Proxy Rotator ensures your blogs & IP addresses stay private (you can also rotate IPs locally if your server has more than 1)
Your Niche Keywords can (and should) be used to laser target your niche. Simply copy+paste your list – or use the built-in keyword research tool for ideas.
Powerful “Auto Indexer” tracks which posts are NOT indexed in Google & fires extra, targeted tweets to give Google a helping hand (even with posts made before you installed WPTB!)
Rich Images & Video automatically to give some visual spice to your posts (readers & Google love this)
Full Text RSS Feeds are used to give you more content than the competitors (WPTB’s content extraction engine is actually able to dynamically extract the content from any website)
11 Unique Content Sources gives you the power to create a truly unique, valuable blog. EzineArticles, Yahoo Answers, Google News, Digg are just a few of these. (You can of course use custom RSS feeds as well)
Unlimited Twitter Accounts means you not only spread your tweeting footprint but also build dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Twitter profiles in their own right.
Auto Follow & Unfollow abilities are configurable so you remain organic whilst building your followers
Integrates With Other AutoBlog Plugins when you check the “Tweet all posts to blog” option. This is so powerful – it’s scary.
Scoop Up Twitter Traffic as a direct result of the automated tweeting. This is great because it’s near instant – when you tweet – you get the traffic.
Very Useful Bit.ly links are auto-generated by WPTB. This means all Twitter clicks are tracked giving you get sexy charts and actionable numbers.
Floods Of Google Visitors will arrive at your blog looking for what you’re offering (a simple 2 week test bagged me 22,756 visitors completely hands-off! To pay for this traffic I’d have paid AdWords upwards of $10,453.20)
Relevant Affiliate Ads are shown on all your posts (even the old ones). The premade templates are great to going fast – and you can customize them if needed.
Impression & Click Tracking on all affiliate ads shows you what affiliate networks and ad styles work best with your niche. This means you create more commissions – quicker.
Critical Ad Placement options (In the sidebar, above post, below post, in post and an attention grabbing popup box) hand over full control to you.
Impressive “Ad Rules” System lets you define what type of ad gets shown when and where (very powerful when you mix affiliate ads with other sources…)
5 Leading Ad Sources means you get not only the choice – but all th tiresome ad searching done for you. Get Commission Junction Amazon, Adsense, ClickBank & any of your existing banners or links.

Product: WP Tweet Bomb
Website: http://wptweetbomb.com/

Price: $15

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Who Else Wants 22,756 Visitors In 2 Weeks?
From A Brand New Blog…
All On Autopilot, 100% Guaranteed!

wanted a full solution. I needed…

A way of getting unlimited, unique content posted to the blog, complete with images, video etc. It HAD to look professional (not like the crap on other autoblogs).
Built in promotion to get links. I wanted these things to promote themselves.
Oodles of traffic. I wanted server crushing, scary numbers showing in my analytics panel.
A quick, easy way of then turning my traffic into cash.
…and it all had to be automated.

Is it so much to ask? Apparently, yes, it was.
I checked out all the current software but none of it came close to what I desperately needed for this plan to work.

I literally locked myself in my flat for 6 months. I got food delivered and soon forgot what daytime was (I went nocturnal for a while – don’t think I’ve fully recovered!). From SEO, to affiliate marketing, to PHP, I researched and applied until I came up with my battle plan.

I coded one piece of software from scratch. Then another, and another. I was on a roll, and the software was getting better and better. I quickly realised I was onto something big when I saw the results of a 2 week test I ran…

…a brand new blog & the software & NO other promotion took me me…

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