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Howdy Warriors! Sorry…I couldn’t resist pulling out my lame high school French for that headline (use it or lose it, right?)

Okay folks, I’ll going to jump right into it: My friend HP Jeschke (hpgoodboy) is banking huge royalty checks as a Kindle ebook publisher (over $1000 per month!)…and his methods are completely Loony Tunes. Strange but completely true….

Here are the facts:
He’s averaging over $250 a week in Kindle royalties
Just one of his ebook titles is generating over 300 sales per month
He’s scored the best-selling Kindle ebook for a lucrative book category
He has done absolutely nothing to promote these titles (Amazon takes care of that for him)
He published his first ebook just 5 months ago
To date, he’s published only 11 total ebooks (you do the math!)
His system is unlike anything I have ever seen.

As the creator of Amazon Cash Machines and, I’ve taught hundreds of people how to make money as a self-published Amazon author (in fact, HP is one of my students). I’ve presented live trainings on this subject to tens of thousands of people. And I have clients who gladly pay me a 5k consulting fee for my book writing know-how.