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This is what is possible and is only to illustrate the power of the neural network approach to trading the forex market.Neuros Sharp Shooter is a new automated trading robot known as an Expert Advisor that runs on your home computer neuros expert advisor software is the result of years of research into automated trading of the forex market resulting in a fully automatic trading tool. neuros uses a new approach to automatic trading that uses a neural network and economic news for market analysis and a unique money management technique that chases the price to maximize your gains. neuros expert advisor is updated in real time so you always have the latest software running. neuros gives you the ability to constantly look for the best trading opportunity and all you have to do is keep your computer on and let neuros do all of the work.

* Trades on 2 currency pairs available on Metatrader 4
* Factors in Economic News which moves the market
* Fully automated trade execution
* Detailed data analysis
* Reliable and accurate strategy execution
* Full control over strategy execution
* Uses a self-adapting neural network that analyzes the market
* Adjustable risk level for individual tolerance for risk
* Ability to “chase the price” keeping you in trades longer
* Neuros is constantly updated in real time so you have the latest trading software
* Make money with no prior training
* Tremendous growth potential unlike any other trading method
* Automatically compounds your profits as account grows
* Designed to run unattended. Just turn it on and let it trade.
* No charts or graphs to read
* Use on any time frame
* Extremely simple to setup. Start trading in minutes.
* All you need is a computer to get started