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Can You Flip A Coin And Pull A Winner At Least ONCE Every Six Tries?

If You Said YES – YOU Just Discovered Ron’s Secret To Making Profitable Trades Over 86% Of The Time. … .. … Now THAT’s Money Management!

I know – you’ve probably seen BOATLOADS of robots recently hit the markets and promise the world. . .. ..

LITERALLY every other day lately – I get another request to visit a site with just stupid claims at this point – like ‘perfect strategies’ and ‘precision accuracy’

^ YEAH – RIGHT! Accurately aimed to take your money, and lose it…..Funny thing is – each one I visit, I know it’s not going to make my breakfast and fill my mattress with $100’s.. .. . But I still buy pretty much all of them – even if it looks fluffy or full of hype (or not enough info). .. ..

Why? To test against our in-house system and see if it outperforms it. Guess what – each time I do this – within a few weeks the ‘perfect EA’ that promised me bazillions – finally BOMBS