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“2 or 3 Minutes to Grab Hundreds of Leads…”

Neil FerreePower Leads Pro is one helluva tool! Your latest upgrade was by far the best for me. For Sale by Owner is the low hanging fruit in my space and now I can target this micro-niche and only spend 2 or 3 minutes to grab hundreds of leads a day versus the hours it used to take before.

You should think about doubling or tripling the price, its definitely worth it.

Continued success,

“Helped Me Get More Leads for My Offline Business…”

Brad SpencerPower Leads Pro already helped me get more leads for my offline business. If anyone’s on the fence about this purchase…take my reviews pushing you over because the speed at which Matt updates the software you will be getting more and more features that will make this purchase an even more brainer.