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Dear fellow Warrior,

Have you spent long hours searching for the source of Internet marketing wealth but don’t have any results to show for your effort?

It’s frustrating and it can make you feel like a failure, I know because I’ve been there too.

I found the Warrior Forum at the beginning of my Internet marketing journey and have learnt so much here it’s unbelievable. After so many struggles and triumphs I’ve decided it’s finally time for me to give back to you.

I’ve spent many long hours building niche websites hoping to make sales. There were many ups and downs and some sites did better than others, but I had one big problem…

As soon as I left those sites to work on something else the sales would stop!

I needed enough cash to support my little daughter and I was desperate to find a way to make money that wouldn’t keep me a slave to somebody else for 10 hours a day.