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This script allows anyone to run a profitable online raffle website. It is very easy to use for both the user and website owner. With this unique script, you will be able to run as many raffles as you like, profiting from each one.

Your website will be able to grow without advertising due to the script’s referral system. Users make 5% of what the people they refer win. This will allow your website to grow as people post their referral links all over the internet.

Another distinguishing quality of this script is that a percentage of the people who enter win, not just 1 or 2 people (you determine the %). Thus, you will plenty of happy winners spreading the word of your website.

The profit potential is huge! As the Admin, you will determine how much of the pot (the money collected from the raffle) goes to the winners. You will keep the rest. Even by giving away a substantial percentage of the pot (such as 90%) you will be able to make hundreds a day, running multiple raffles.

Please take a moment of your time to review the various features the script offers to both users and the website owner.
User Features

The script provides your website’s members with many powerful features:

* Buy tickets instantly.
* Submit support questions.
* View full raffle details.
* View list of winners for past raffles.
* See time of their last login.
* Change account details.
* Request forgotten password
* View number of failed login attempts within the past 24-hrs for their account.
* View their account balance, winnings, referral information, ticket history, etc.
* Users make 5% of what their referrals win!
* Deposit money using PayPal.
* Upon login, users are greeted with a message that states their winnings (from a raffle or a referral)