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Today I have a very special offer for DP Members. This is about the techniques which I use to cash in over$1000 every day. Now I’ve written them down, and I’m about to unleash this beast of a book upon the world. I’m calling it the Black Hat Genius!

This is it. Forty-seven pages stuffed absolutely full of information about how the top black hat marketers in the game are making money, and how you can benefit from the use of these techniques should you decide to do it. I’m going to teach you how to set up and establish a full-on blackhat business, and cover more than six major black hat marketing techniques.

We’ll start off small with cookie stuffing techniques and a few grey- and borderline black-hat techniques, and then get in depth with some stuff that’s so downright dastardly and demonic that most people in blackhat marketing think it’s too evil to use.

Even if you’re not going to actually use the techniques in this guide for yourself, you can at least use the information to help you prevent black hat marketers from taking you out down the lines.