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Want to make $500/day? I do. And it only took me a couple days to set it up, and only takes 15 minutes of my time a day.
You may have bought or seen my previous eBooks, earn $1500/wek and earn $60 an hour. This one blows those out of the water. Those are stellar methods, don’t get me wrong, but this is so much better. In fact it’s so good that I don’t want it to get saturated and ruin my earnings so I’m only selling 50 copies.
It’s NOT
-Joint Ventures
-Bum marketing
-Forum posting
-Anything you’ve ever seen before
It does:
-Require No initial investment
-Allow you to use it anywhere in the world
-Take less than an hour of work a day
-Have almost limitless earning potential
– Is almost completely white-hat
-Come with my bulletproof money-back guarantee

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Finally, You Can Improve ANY Adwords Ad…
Boost Your CTR…
Rocket Your Conversion Rate…
Lower Your Click Costs…
And Totally OUTGAME Your Competition…

…and do it with the precision of a Swiss watch!

This incredible piece of software statistically finds the best Adwords Ad variations…so easy a 15 year old can game Adwords now!

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Secret twist reveals…

“How An Underground


Marketer Gets $24.99


Deposited Straight Into


His Paypal Account


Every 10 Minutes


Without Fail”

And he swears under oath that this method is not illegal and won’t get you banned!
Dear fellow forum member,

If you are tired of wasting your hard earned cash on junk methods and want to earn at least $249 per day from here on in then this post is a MUST read.

You see, I too have bought my fair share of bad products in the past and got little or no results. I have bought white hat guides and black hat guides and the only reward I got was an adsense ban with over $400 in my account. I bought guides on Adwords, tried to make the ‘killing’ on Clickbank promised in the guru guides and all I got was a big fat adwords bill. CPA offers didn’t help me either; in fact, a few of the guides I bought on CPA came from this very forum. Needless to say I didn’t make near enough the amount of money promised in these guides. My Clickbooth account still has about $34 in it because I didn’t make the $50 minimum required for a payout.

I Got Mad…

I realized after these string of failures that the only way I was going to make serious money online was to tweak the methods that I came across. I didn’t find success straight away though. I had to work very hard at it. After about 6 months of testing and tweaking the methods I hit upon a goldmine. I figured out a way to get cash into my Paypal with very little effort.

This method is saturation proof and allows me to almost make money at will…

Introducing the Twister Method…


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Finally the secrets of the top sellers revealed. Did u ever imagined to create around 500$ worth of advertising credits for just 20$. Sounds yummy right. Yeah it was true 500$ worth of adwords, facebook, yahoo and adcenter credits. Not only just credits, you will have activated accounts, you can use them to make your ads go live instant.

This book reveals the blueprint of the magic cycle followed by many of the top sellers to generate free credits involving less work and investment.

Just multipy your investment 25x times. Just a simple cycle starting with creating an email address and ending with 500$ worth of advertising credits for the least investment cost.

Why buy advertising credits for hight costs when you can generate the same on your own. Just buy the guide once and save 100’s of $ on the advertising credits you buy.

Some of you might claim, there are many known methods for creating free credits, then why this book. For all of those, I can guarantee you that you will be satisfied that the guide is worth higher than the cost that you bought it for. The book contains a foolproof method to utilising the resources to its maximum extent and earn maximum out of the money we spend.

Higlights of the book

*500$ worth of Advertising credits.

*Credits in Adwords,Facebook,Adcenter,Yahoo 

*Very low cost of investment per cycle.

*Make Adwords,Facebook and Yahoo Activated accounts and make ur ads go live instant…

*Bonus information to make another 300$ of credits in extra.

*Everything explained with screenshots

*25x times profit defined cycle.

*You never need to buy vouchers again. Now you can start selling them.

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“Renegade ClickBank Affiliate Banks
$127,783 In 30 Days With New
Google Software …”

STOP: If you’re feeling frustrated, and locked out of the “make money” game, then…

I have some incredible news for you…

We’ve created the ultimate cash-pulling software tool, which we have already used to pillage Google for gains like $20,434 in a day and $44,453 in a week…

This Automated Google System…

• allowed a 37-year old no-hoper to scoop $44,453 in 7 days, with a few little Google ads

• an easy “connect the dots” path to profit – no website needed, work the hours you choose

• means big companies like ClickBank, Amazon and Microsoft will do the selling for you, 24/7

Now, you can clone this formula and dip into the ClickBank cash mountain…

Here’s the incredible story of how all of this happened…

PROOF: $127,783 in 30 days (all from
“little Google ads” & without a website)

“The Death & Rebirth Of Google…”

Fellow Frustrated Wealth-Seeker,

You’ve every right to be furious right now…

The gurus have let you down.

Google has crushed the dreams of thousands of small-time affiliates.

Gurus have flooded the market with weak, rehashed systems that don’t work in 2009, causing an unprecented backlash against not just Adwords – but Internet money-making in general.

Even so, it’s still possible for the little guy to enter the game.

But if you fail to make the right decisions, right NOW, that could all be about to change.

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New Google AdWords Tactics (For Advanced Players Only):

If You Have Truly Mastered The Basics Of Google AdWords, Then Today You Will Discover An Entirely NEW Level At Which This Game Can Be Played! – So You Reach That Elusive “Tipping-Point” Where Everything Works In Your Favor, And You Become The Most Formidable-Force To Be Reckoned With In Your Market

For The First Time Ever … 2 Leading Google AdWords Experts Agree To Sit Down And Reveal To You The Ultra-Advanced “Tasty Licks”, Little Known Techniques And Secret Insider Tactics That They Have Used To Generate Over $10,000,000 In Sales And Over 250,000 Qualified-Leads – All From Using Google AdWords (Sounds Unbelievable Doesn’t It? But It’s 100% TRUE!)

If you have already mastered the basics of Google Adwords – if you’ve diligently applied the methods in Perry Marshall’s Definitive Guide to Google AdWords – or perhaps Andrew Goodman’s excellent book or Chris Carpenter’s Google Cash – I’m here to tell you that there is an entirely new dimension to playing this game that you didn’t know about. Until now.
Price: $30

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Dear Warrior,

Are you fed up with affiliate marketing? Tired of getting your Clickbank commissions stolen or not tracked properly? Well, I was too and that’s why I switched to CPA networks for easy cash in my bank account every month like clockwork.

I have created a video course where I am going to show you how you could easily start making real money promoting highly converting offers that get conversion rates as high as 20% or more.

I believe that if you follow my system you are going to start making money this week. I am serious! I don’t think there is anything else that will produce a steady and substantial income faster than promoting CPA offers through Google Adwords, or other pay per click networks.

You can literally start your own profitable campaign today after watching these videos and never look back. Once you experience the same results I have been getting using my techniques, you probably will NOT promote another Clickbank product again.

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