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Instant Social Anarchy by Russell Brunson is a new and rather unique link building software. I put this tool to a test, and here is my review.

Nowadays, it seems that link building software is being released almost every week. We have Senuke X coming, we have XGen SEO, Seo Link Robot and much more to choose from. The times are over when Senuke was the only choice for SEOs who wanted to build some links.

The new software by Russell is actually pretty good. It is not a typical web2.0 link building software but instead focuses on what is called “micro blogs”, for example identica,, elgg, yonkly and so forth.

Recently i did some backlink examining and i found that backlinks on such microblogging platforms and “status” sites like can add some serious ooomph to a link building campaign. Those links are diverse, and most of all, most of those services use DoFollow links.

I was looking for a software which supports such sites, and here is where Instant Social Anarchy does a great job.

And it starts to totally shine in the hands of more experienced link builders, and in particular if you already own scrapebox and know how to harvest all kinds of footprints!

Using scrapebox i got me a new list of sites and imported it in Russell’s software.

Now…the software does really not lack anything. While the interface is more one of those rather clunky ones, the tool can do a lot!

Automatically creates many, many hundreds of profiles and accounts, using automatic decaptcha.

The number of profiles it creates it really only limited by how many micro blogging sites you want to use.

After you created a few hundreds or so accounts, you can also let the software automatically add groups to your accounts or let it find friends.

You have the option to add text snippets in spinner syntax, and you can send out messages containing your links, and so forth.

Instant Social Anarchy is pretty fast, i didn’t see long waiting times as compared to other programs. Profiles get created quickly.

On other forums i read some criticism in regards to this software, but i absolutely disagree.

Russell’s link building software together with scrapebox is really, really powerful!

If a “wannabe” SEO ignores microblogging links as being worthless, in my opinion those people are really, really dumb.

Not only are those links often on very high (PR8!) domains, they are also followable by the search engines.

With a tool like Instant Social Anarchy and good footprints to use and harvest in scrapebox this combo can create some serious backlink power! Alone the fact that it also adds to a good link diversity is worth gold!

It is simply dumb to say the software is “worthless” since a “microblogging platform is not a web2.0 platform”. (Supposedly). What argument is that supposed to be? At the end, the one with more powerful backlinks and more link diversity is the one laughing, you bet!

This is especially funny if you hear such statements from people who otherwise still think that blog commenting is the best thing since sliced bread…

A smart SEO does not compare tools which each serve a different purpose. Comparing this software to eg. Senuke would be as dumb as comparing any of those to a Article Directory Submitter. Each of those tools has its purpose, and the smart SEO uses each of them intelligently!

Anyway, Instant Social Anarchy by Russell Brunson left quite a good impression on me, and this is what i base this review on.

I can recommend this software even if it is not cheap. It is for sure a good way to get more and also more diverse backlinks to boost your serp rankings.

Price: $99

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ArticleDirectory Theme Features (click image thumbnails to view full screenshot)

Out of the box – Auto Install

Gone are the days when you had to setup every section of the site step by step in WordPress. With this theme, you simply activate the theme and voila, you can start adding listings, description, images, widgets, testimonials, blog posts, pages and every element is set out of the box. The theme adds these dummy element for you so you can easily locate them and edit as per your wish (or delete everything with single click if you wish). This makes it real easy for even beginners to create and manage Article Directory website in WordPress.

Strategic design of the homepage

The homepage of the theme is customizable via dynamic widgets which are built specially for this theme. Designed strategically, the structure of the page is done in such a way that gives maximum exposure to essential elements.

Add Articles

Your users/visitors can easily add an article by filling out a simple form. Adding articles to this directory is a breeze, thanks to the simple add article form. Plus you can give discount coupons, make packages and support for 6 different payment is already included

Price: $19

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Google loves content and the fresher, the better. The problem is that preparing new articles can take up a lot time, doing the research and then typing them up.

The WP Auto Articles plugin provides a quick solution by posting new articles to your blog as often as you need. And these are not old, tired and used articles that have been doing the rounds for years.

Using specially developed algorithms the plugin monitors targeted RSS feeds based on your keywords and delivers brand spanking new articles as and when they arrive at the article directory.

This guarantees you articles that are so new that by the time other blogs get the same content you’ll be ranking high above them in the search engines!

Price: $7

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Whip Up A Traffic Storm With Never-Ending Floods of ‘Hot Off The Press’ Articles For Your Blog!

YouTube- WP Auto Articles (Click on the video above to see WP Auto Articles in action)

WP Auto Articles gets its content from the RSS feed at the ArticleSnatch article directory. This ensures that the articles you get from WP Auto Articles are as fresh as possible and that means they’ll have no problems getting indexed by the search engines.

1) Unlimited keywords to add as many posts as you like
2) The ability to select NoFollow or DoFollow author links
3) Create a daily posting schedule
4) Add and use WordPress post tags
5) Select WordPress category to post in

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