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These Underground And ‘Black Hat’ Domain Secrets Will Shock You…

“How To Profit Massively From Expired Domain Names – The TRUTH Uncovered!”

Works Like Magic For Brand New Domain Names Too!

From: Ewen Chia

Date: Monday, December 08, 2008

Dear Friend,

Ask yourself this simple question…

What’s the MOST valuable and profitable ‘virtual real estate’ you can own?

It has got nothing to do with your website, AdSense or the latest hyped-up strategy.

The truth is, your most profitable virtual real estate is simply…your domain name. Period.

In fact…

Domain Names Are Being Sold For A Fortune All Day Long!

Don’t believe me? Consider these real-life examples: – sold for $7.5 million; – sold for $3 million – sold for $130,000; – sold for $105,000 – sold for $99,000; – sold for $67,500 – sold for $40,000; – sold for $500,000 – sold for $550,000; – sold for $27,500 – sold for $10,509; – sold for $500,000 – sold for e257,000; – sold for $225,000

Plus thousands and thousands of other domain names changing hands for between $250 – $5,000 which didn’t “make the news”!


Some of these high dollar domains were purchased from someone else for a lot of money, then resold for much more on the domain aftermarket.

But remember, each domain only cost the original owner the registration fee, meaning…

The profit mark-up is just INCREDIBLE.

Imagine If You Own Just One Of These Domain Names.

If you could roll back time and grab some of these valuable domain names, do you think you could make some cash?

You bet you could.

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Create Cash Sucking Info-Products In Any Niche – In 3 Hours Or Less! [Black Hat Product Creation v2]

Value: $27

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Product: Auto Pligg 6 Licence Key, Full Working Version Serial – Autopligg 6.0.18

Price: $289


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Earl Grey The World Famous International Black Hat SEO Guru Releases Some of His Private SEO Tools to the Public.

Autopligg is the best One way Link Building Tool.

Autopligg is a tool created by Syndyk8, a community known for using black hat SEO strategies to get results from SEO and make money on the Internet. Autopligg is a program that is designed to take advantage of Pligg, which is an open source content management system. Many sites are using Pligg in order to create sites and this program takes advantage of that.

If you have ever built a web site about casino or pharm you will know that its near on impossible to gain links without spending thousands of months.
This is the reason the big online casino seo`s come to us when they need links because with autopligg getting them links and sending them traffic they can slash their spending by thousands a month but keep their positions.

1. Pligg is a web 2.0 social voting web site that anyone can setup.

2. Pligg site owners solicit users to post links and story’s.

3. Just by doing a quick search i found 6,730,000 pligg sites.

4. You will need lots of different web sites linking to your web site.

5. You can use Autopligg to submit to thousands of pligg sites daily.

6. Your web site will be listed on many different Pligg sites.

7. The search engines will see lots of web site referencing yours.

8. Your web site will rise in position in the search engines because you look popular.

[HOT REVIEWS] Black Hat Persuasion Tactics That Crush ClickBank?

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Best Part: Once You Know The EXACT “Buttons” To Push… Use Our Proven White Hat Methods To Get
The Same “Unfair Advantage”…With ZERO Deception Or DirtyTricks!

Dear Fellow Warrior,

If I told you a small circle of “black hat” marketers are using one simple formula to push their offers to the TOP of Clickbank on demand (and getting away with it)…

… you might assume there’s a “catch.”

After all, everyone knows there’s no way to “force” people to buy… or “cut the line” straight to the first page of Clickbank anytime you want.

And you’d be right… except…

These Guys Aren’t Playing By The “Rules”…

You might have seen one of their sales pages – without knowing it – and laughed to yourself saying, “Who would buy this?”

After all, they’re busting at the seams with hype… they’re full of wild stories that lit up your “B.S.” detector like a Christmas tree… and you can’t stand the videos for more than a few seconds before hitting the “back” button to escape.

You’d assume they’d be going broke… hemorrhaging money until they ran to hire a pro copywriter to stop the bleeding.

But they’re not. And they don’t.

Instead, they’re pulling down $1 million-plus launch days with sales pages full of copy that seems so badly written and packed with over-the-top mumbo-jumbo… it shouldn’t work.

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Beat The Slap

Price: $197

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“Learn Step-By-Step How To Slap Google Back… And Get A Ton Of Cheap PPC Traffic To Your Website. This Is NOT Black-Hat. 100% Google-Legal!”

Even if … all your keywords have been Google slapped…

Even if … your quality score is less than 5/10, your minimum bids are $5 and your ads are no longer showing!

Yes, even YOU can beat the Google Slap … no matter your account history, your quality scores or your current minimum bids!
Look At This PROOF From Inside My AdWords Account Since 2004:

Dear Internet Marketer (…who wants to slap Google back!)

his is a shocking true Google Slap story. I have been advertising on Google AdWords since 14 March 2004 and have used them to drive 1,018,479 visitors to a niche site.

When I first started it took me thousands of hours setting up my AdWords account… researching all my keywords. Split-testing ad headlines and body copy to maximize my CTR.

I thought I had maximized my traffic from both the search and content networks (… that was before I got slapped!)

I Was Getting 5 Cent Clicks…

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Hey All,

Let me take you by the hand and reveal the SEO secrets that have gotten me over 2000 unique hits per day (and a LOT more) to one of our niche websites.

See the crazy server logs in the salesletter. Also, learn how I drove 50,000+ visitors to one website per month… Baad SEO means…

Insane cutting edge ‘evergreen’ secrets that drive traffic to me and my Platinum circle… Nothing here is black hat – all white hat Baad SEO.

My original Baad SEO report is one of the best selling reports on the Warrior Forum ever. The Baad SEO 4 Week video bootcamp blows that report wide open and reveals a massive amount of new tactics, strategies and killer methods.

These are gonna make your competitors weep. PS – there is a $1 trial for the first 50 signups. My last bootcamp had way over 100 warriors on board, so don’t sleep on this…. you will end up paying a lot more…

On with the sales letter.

Price: $29

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Well, for a limited amount of copies, I am going to share with you my most SACRED Black Hat Traffic Driving Method in an ebook and highly detailed video !

Now, don’t get the wrong idea…. Black Hat Techniques are often mistaken for illegal activity online. I can assure you this is NOT anything like that. My method I call…. The Black Top Hat Is a method of driving FREE traffic to my sites and offers, over and over everday….
and it WORKS !!

So well in fact, that it has surpassed my need for ever using Pay-Per-Click again !

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