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Today I have a very special offer for DP Members. This is about the techniques which I use to cash in over$1000 every day. Now I’ve written them down, and I’m about to unleash this beast of a book upon the world. I’m calling it the Black Hat Genius!

This is it. Forty-seven pages stuffed absolutely full of information about how the top black hat marketers in the game are making money, and how you can benefit from the use of these techniques should you decide to do it. I’m going to teach you how to set up and establish a full-on blackhat business, and cover more than six major black hat marketing techniques.

We’ll start off small with cookie stuffing techniques and a few grey- and borderline black-hat techniques, and then get in depth with some stuff that’s so downright dastardly and demonic that most people in blackhat marketing think it’s too evil to use.

Even if you’re not going to actually use the techniques in this guide for yourself, you can at least use the information to help you prevent black hat marketers from taking you out down the lines.

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“Let Me Escort You Behind the Scenes And Reveal the Most Effective White Hat and Black Hat Search Engine Technique Known.”

This letter may upset you. Honestly, you may not even want to read it… Why?

Because for years the gurus have been telling you one thing and then doing another! And a lot of it you won’t like – not one bit. See… some of the top and most visible personalities in the internet marketing world have a little secret.


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Real Testimonials From Real Members

I’ve been making money online for over 5 years and I’ve yet to see a free forum that was of much value at all. The problem with free forums is that you have to be able to cut through the junk to find the real value. Unfortunately, I’ve found the same to be true of many paid forums. Well… I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally found a paid forum that lives up to its promise and delivers more value for the price than any I’ve ever seen. WPBlackhat is the forum I’m talking about.

As a “Reformed White-Hatter”, I’ve found the Black Hat tools and knowledge to help me create WordPress blogs that automatically add unique content, and funnel high-quality, targeted traffic right to my money sites. On my very first attempt to use the tools on WPBlackhat, I was able to get 54 sites up and running. These aren’t junk sites that will soon disappear either like those created by the other CMS tools I’ve tried. These are tried and true WP blogs that will still be here tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And they’ll be generating a fire hose of laser target traffic for me to do with as I please.

I did this with just 2 of the tools found in WPBlackhat. I’ve only scratched the surface of what this site has too offer and I’m hooked!

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I’ll get right to the point

If you are having trouble making money online, you have come to the right place. I am going to give you:

No B.S.

No Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

No Promise of Earning Thousands of Dollars Overnight

No matter how convincing of a sales letter I write. It is all up to you!

Will YOU take the initiative to make sure you start living up to your potential online?

Will YOU stop convincing yourself that I’ll start earning money tomorrow?

You have probably looked for “easy” ways to make money online. Seriously, there are none.

But Black Hat earning is as close as you will get to “easy” money online.

Now don’t get me wrong. Every single method in this book will require work. Now this is when most of you will exit this page and go look for another product to make your easy millions.

Before you do that hear me out. This will require work but much of it will become passive income.

Do the work one time and you will earn from it for months and months with little to no effort.

Now I am not going to force this down your throat any more. Just know that if you have spent months looking and looking for ways to make money online and haven’t made a dime, this will make you money if you follow the methods I describe.

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Q: What is it you’re selling?
A: An eBook that will teach every of it’s readers how to make a super profitable business from PPC (Pay-per-Click) programs!

Q: Is it a Black Hat?
A: I told you from the very beginning (even on it’s title) it is Black Hat!

Q: Then, will it be saturated somehow? Or any chance of being banned?
A: There are some risks that will leads you on several banishment (it’s black hat after all), however, there are some tricks people can do in order to avoid that! I don’t think this technique can be saturated since there will be so many ways on doing it – however I will limit the copies of this eBook!

Q: You said, it’s very unique – how many people used it so far?
A: I’d like to say that there will be no one using it until now! It’s a mix technique between a very new and completely technical matters and online businesses models! No need to worry – you’ll be first person to witness this very technique!

Q: Do I need any skills on doing it?
A: Although it’s a technical matters – all scripts are given! You’ll only need to know how to use it, and it’s totally easy!

Q: Will it works on Google AdSense?
A: We’re (I mean me and some of my colleagues) testing it on Google AdSense and several more PPC companies such as AdBrite and AdEngadge – it works real fine!

Q: Oh come on .. Google AdSense is good on catching people who cheated their systems – your technique is not exception!
A: There are 2 factors why this technique won’t be caught so easily! We’re not doing fake/invalid clicks or something lame like that! Try and you’ll know what I’m trying explain here~

Q: Will it be an eBook or an eClass?
A: For those who want it fast, they can ask for a *.pdf file and I will deliver it in no more than 3 hours after the payments completed! But for those who demand additional explanations on it – they can request 1 hour online coaching (via MSN/YM) for this! It won’t be hard, everything will be explained very clear, fast and all scripts are included in your file!

Q: I’m interested! Now, how much for the eBook?
A: Good question! I will be selling it for US$49 per copies and there will only be 30 copies sold! There won’t be any adjusment to this limit – once I closed the selling, there won’t be more copies to be sold, not at all!

Q: You gave guarantee for this?
A: Sure! As always – I will return your money back! All of it! If this technique doesn’t work and/or you think that it’s not for you (for any reasons).

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These Underground And ‘Black Hat’ Domain Secrets Will Shock You…

“How To Profit Massively From Expired Domain Names – The TRUTH Uncovered!”

Works Like Magic For Brand New Domain Names Too!

From: Ewen Chia

Date: Monday, December 08, 2008

Dear Friend,

Ask yourself this simple question…

What’s the MOST valuable and profitable ‘virtual real estate’ you can own?

It has got nothing to do with your website, AdSense or the latest hyped-up strategy.

The truth is, your most profitable virtual real estate is simply…your domain name. Period.

In fact…

Domain Names Are Being Sold For A Fortune All Day Long!

Don’t believe me? Consider these real-life examples: – sold for $7.5 million; – sold for $3 million – sold for $130,000; – sold for $105,000 – sold for $99,000; – sold for $67,500 – sold for $40,000; – sold for $500,000 – sold for $550,000; – sold for $27,500 – sold for $10,509; – sold for $500,000 – sold for e257,000; – sold for $225,000

Plus thousands and thousands of other domain names changing hands for between $250 – $5,000 which didn’t “make the news”!


Some of these high dollar domains were purchased from someone else for a lot of money, then resold for much more on the domain aftermarket.

But remember, each domain only cost the original owner the registration fee, meaning…

The profit mark-up is just INCREDIBLE.

Imagine If You Own Just One Of These Domain Names.

If you could roll back time and grab some of these valuable domain names, do you think you could make some cash?

You bet you could.

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Create Cash Sucking Info-Products In Any Niche – In 3 Hours Or Less! [Black Hat Product Creation v2]

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