Get Google Position #1: Rank Above ANY Competitor (Even Industry Giants Like Adobe Or Yahoo!)

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Dear Warrior,

I know I’ve made some big claims above… but they’re absolutely TRUE.

You’ve probably heard similar claims before — only to be disappointed.


The thing is… most so-called “SEO experts” only give you a few random pieces of the ranking puzzle. However, in truth, that won’t take you very far.

But my system is DIFFERENT.

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After our success, Blog Flipping Bootcamp, Alessandro Zamboni and John Yeo are back! This time we want to talk you about a new and never seen tactic to cash in with offline marketing, and precisely with shops of your area and then with others.

This idea is born two months ago. I moved from a big italian city like Milan to a little one called Somma Lombardo. In Somma Lombardo the economic recession was up to the top, and in a few months I saw how many shops were closing all around.
What can I do on my own ?

So I called John Yeo, my dear friend in Singapore, and I asked him what can change the bad future of this shops. We talk also about the newest offline marketing. We discussed as usual about blogs, our main and favorite topic. And so the idea started to take a form in our minds…

But this is not the usual type of Offline Marketing, it’s an evolved form that we decided to call Offline Vortex !
Why? Because when you work for a shop, the others cannot stay to see what’s happening. They need to act, even more faster than their competitor !

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Have you been marketing for a while and feel like you’re spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere? Have you yet to make it big online, even though you’ve worked and worked at it?

Have you written hundreds of articles and put up press releases and blog posts by the dozens? Have you signed up to forums in your niche, hoping to get a little bit of traffic?

This WSO is for you! This is a way to get YOUR keywords to the very TOP of Google, even if you don’t have a website and even if your keyword has MILLIONS of other competitors!! Get YOUR product in front of the eyes of the MAJORITY of people who are looking for the type of product you sell!

Not only can you use this product for your own product, but if you’re an “Offline” marketer, it will work beautifully for you.

If you’re NOT doing this already, your competitor will be. Once he or she does, you will be hard-pressed to not only beat them in the Search Engines, but also to be perceived as the “Authority” in your niche. Don’t let your competition take the income you desire to have.

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1. Completely ERASE the difficult learning curve it takes to make money online.
2. Learn techniques to expose your competitors strategy, take over and put THEIR money in YOUR pocket.

You will get a 62 page Step-By-Step VideoManual
These 9 Videos are Filled With Secrets, Strategies, and Tactics That Will Crush Your Competition And Have YOU On Top.
Video #1 (11mins 31sec pp.1-10): My easy 5 step process to leverage ALL of my competitor’s work.
Video #2 (11mins 58sec pp.10-17) : This is where we get into the “guts” of what your looking for. Review pages, yes or no? We explore the Passionate Niche Lie and set your first goal. I also explain the competition myth and I give you the only two things you need to be successful online. And more….
Video #3(20mins 6secs pp.17-27): THE BREAKDOWN. Here we go into each step in a very detailed explanation. I have also arranged to help get you accepted to CPA Networks.
Video #4(15mins 21secs pp.27-36): The 4 question template for a review page that suck money you way and makes an IRONCLAD review page.
Video #5(11mins 37secs pp.36-43) : How to remain effective as a marketer when you run out of content!
Video #6 (3mins 36secs pp.43-47): DAMAGE CONTROL. What super simple steps you need to take when a campaign doesn’t convert. This video is MUST when you have campaigns you are about to throw away. This video can prevent you from throwing away money!
Video #7(11mins 23secs pp.47-59, ): Domination! CPA Winners Circle. Here I show the ONLY keyword research I do that has proven to be effective for me.
Video #8: (2mins 46 secs):In this video I show my process map that has been responsible for skyrocketing my CPA income, and I am sharing it with you.

This is a very powerful video if you apply it.

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If you are doing any type of Niche Research employing Search Engine Optimization, this Brand-New tool will save you time … BIG TIME!

If you’re doing any kind of Internet Marketing where you’re trying to get a website placed within the first page of Google (or Yahoo or MSN) you’re doing Search Engine Optimization, trying to get your website placed there within the Top 10 Results, right?

Some “traditional” techniques like the BUM Marketing system tell you to look at the number of competing websites by searching Google for your keyword phrase in quotes.

Seeing how many competitors you have is nice … but it’s only part of the picture!

You Need to Know How “Strong” Your Competition Is!

I’ve seen many niches that “looked” like they were too competitive, based on the number of competing websites. But the actual Top 10 Competitors weren’t that strong and they were able to be beaten out!

What do I mean by how “strong” the competition is? Well, in 2008 one of the major tools for Search Engine Optimization is the number of Backlinks a website has pointing at it.

So to really effectively analyze your competition for the Top Ten spaces on Google, Yahoo and MSN, you need to look at the number of backlinks they have coming in to their websites. Other factors like PageRank, keywords in the page Title tag and description also play a major part in your competitor’s strength.

To really see how tough it’s going to be to get ranked in the Top Ten spots, you need to analyze all 10 of the websites on the first page individually, one at a time. And doing this manually can take time, especially if you’re just starting your niche research.

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