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The true Adsense guide is finally here.

Are you making over $100 a day through Adsense? If your answer is no, then you should keep on reading. Years ago, people started using Adsense to profit from their websites. The premisse was simple enough, so why wouldn’t they?

The fact is that most of those have just failed in doing so and are stuck with websites making them less than a dollar a day. Want to change that? Then this guide was made for you.

What this guide is NOT:
– A way of making easy money. This is something I want to clear up: you need to work. The profits you’ll get are just huge, but you must consider working at least an hour a day!
– A Pay-per-click guide. You will not learn or need to use AdWords or any other PPC method. There is one small mention of a smallish method that allows you to profit even further, but it’s not by all means a requirement.
– Black-hat. You won’t get banned for it.
– Affiliate Marketing guide. The monetization you’ll be learning is from Adsense only.

You’ll be able to make money even if you’re not an expert. There is no need to work long hours: it’s easy to use it!

What you’ll learn:

* How to properly setup your website (domain and hosting);
* What you’ll have in it;
* How to maximize your Adsense earnings;
* How to get it all working (how to properly drive traffic to it).

What are you waiting for?