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Q: What is it you’re selling?
A: An eBook that will teach every of it’s readers how to make a super profitable business from PPC (Pay-per-Click) programs!

Q: Is it a Black Hat?
A: I told you from the very beginning (even on it’s title) it is Black Hat!

Q: Then, will it be saturated somehow? Or any chance of being banned?
A: There are some risks that will leads you on several banishment (it’s black hat after all), however, there are some tricks people can do in order to avoid that! I don’t think this technique can be saturated since there will be so many ways on doing it – however I will limit the copies of this eBook!

Q: You said, it’s very unique – how many people used it so far?
A: I’d like to say that there will be no one using it until now! It’s a mix technique between a very new and completely technical matters and online businesses models! No need to worry – you’ll be first person to witness this very technique!

Q: Do I need any skills on doing it?
A: Although it’s a technical matters – all scripts are given! You’ll only need to know how to use it, and it’s totally easy!

Q: Will it works on Google AdSense?
A: We’re (I mean me and some of my colleagues) testing it on Google AdSense and several more PPC companies such as AdBrite and AdEngadge – it works real fine!

Q: Oh come on .. Google AdSense is good on catching people who cheated their systems – your technique is not exception!
A: There are 2 factors why this technique won’t be caught so easily! We’re not doing fake/invalid clicks or something lame like that! Try and you’ll know what I’m trying explain here~

Q: Will it be an eBook or an eClass?
A: For those who want it fast, they can ask for a *.pdf file and I will deliver it in no more than 3 hours after the payments completed! But for those who demand additional explanations on it – they can request 1 hour online coaching (via MSN/YM) for this! It won’t be hard, everything will be explained very clear, fast and all scripts are included in your file!

Q: I’m interested! Now, how much for the eBook?
A: Good question! I will be selling it for US$49 per copies and there will only be 30 copies sold! There won’t be any adjusment to this limit – once I closed the selling, there won’t be more copies to be sold, not at all!

Q: You gave guarantee for this?
A: Sure! As always – I will return your money back! All of it! If this technique doesn’t work and/or you think that it’s not for you (for any reasons).

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My Review:
I manage to review the WSO and I got to say this is a HIT. If you’re looking for some CASH this WSO is FOR YOU!

One can pretty much guess that anything with Spencer name on it is top notch. He puts out courses that are:

This course has to do with offline clients but before you get scared…this isn’t like your average course.

Spencer has a very ingenius method to approaching these clients with ease and you aren’t selling the standard services most sell. It’s Very unique approach and can really be INSANELY Profitable. (he has a very good reason for this. it’s something people want! I really want to share it here but I can’t as not to reveal the course but you can really see how it can sell like hotcakes! not even hotcakes how about chocolate bars at fat camp?)

He took the Guess work of what and how out for you! THIS GUY even provides you the script and the materials you need as part of the .zip file you receive. He also tells you who to target, and why. These people WANT your help for a easy sell. IT’s the REAL DEAL people!

There isn’t fluff in this course as he really wants people to TAKE ACTION! His courses actually do help people.

This course is no exception. It includes 1 concise .pdf file telling you what you need to do to start rolling in these checks. Then 2 short videos to help you out with the explanations, and finally the resources and files you need to get this going.

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