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Before we get into it though, let’s be clear about what I’m NOT talking about!

Yes, I know that sounds cliché, cant believe I’d ever even say it, but in this case; I think we really need to. I know you have been fed a lot of fluff regarding this subject that didn’t work, so I want you to understand what this is NOT.

I’m NOT talking about anything like what all these 18 year old wanna be’s who get one or two sales and write a wso are talking about…!

· Im NOT talking about sending out a direct mail piece or email campaign… and ‘Yay I got two responses this month…”!

No. We arent talking about that at all…!

Honestly, all that stuff is child’s play…

We are talking about your phone or email box EXPLODING! Blowing Up! Off-The-Hook!

This is for people who really want to be in a business. Another thought,

· Im NOT talking about calling up everyone you know and asking for a referral… so all your acquaintances starting walking on the other side of the street when the see you and trying to hide…

· Im NOT talkin about going around to small businesses and asking them to hand out your flyer…or business card