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Why Listen to Perry? Here’s why…
Over the last 100 days he has personally
Added 8000+ Twitter Followers
Made more than 2000 Facebook Friends
Had 30,000+ Views to his YouTube Videos
Became a Top 10 Social Media Expert
Is Currently Charging $10,000 Day to Consult Companies on Social Media Strategies
Is a an International Celebrity Speaking All Over the World
Has 100% Devoted His Life To Helping Others with Social Media


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“Discover My Secret Blackhat XXX Method That Can Have You Earning Over$100 A Day Starting From the First Day You Use It…..GUARANTEED.”


You DONT need:

[X]A domain name
[X]A CPA account
[X]Picture galliers
[X]To change your ip
[X]To e-whore

This is a method I discovered on my own, in the beginning it was a bit sloppy but now I have perfected it. The method is blackhat and involves affiliate promotion for an adult site where you get paid for sign-ups. Quite Frequently, this company has promotions and this month you can make $100 per sign-up, of course there will be more months where they have promotions like this again (and they have gone as high as $225 per sign-up in the past), but I cannot know whenthey will, all I do know is that they are having it for the rest of thismonth, February 2009, for sure, and you have an opportunity to take complete advantage. This is not a guide that sells you the name of the affiliate program then gives you basic unclear instructions on how to get traffic that will “hopefully” turn into sales. This is a step-by-step SYSTEM of how to exactlyget sign-ups that will generate you over $100 a day with less than 2 hours of work per day. I can honestly say that

“An Idiot With 2 Brain Cells Can Follow Along And Easily Make Over $100 A Day”

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Finally the secrets of the top sellers revealed. Did u ever imagined to create around 500$ worth of advertising credits for just 20$. Sounds yummy right. Yeah it was true 500$ worth of adwords, facebook, yahoo and adcenter credits. Not only just credits, you will have activated accounts, you can use them to make your ads go live instant.

This book reveals the blueprint of the magic cycle followed by many of the top sellers to generate free credits involving less work and investment.

Just multipy your investment 25x times. Just a simple cycle starting with creating an email address and ending with 500$ worth of advertising credits for the least investment cost.

Why buy advertising credits for hight costs when you can generate the same on your own. Just buy the guide once and save 100’s of $ on the advertising credits you buy.

Some of you might claim, there are many known methods for creating free credits, then why this book. For all of those, I can guarantee you that you will be satisfied that the guide is worth higher than the cost that you bought it for. The book contains a foolproof method to utilising the resources to its maximum extent and earn maximum out of the money we spend.

Higlights of the book

*500$ worth of Advertising credits.

*Credits in Adwords,Facebook,Adcenter,Yahoo 

*Very low cost of investment per cycle.

*Make Adwords,Facebook and Yahoo Activated accounts and make ur ads go live instant…

*Bonus information to make another 300$ of credits in extra.

*Everything explained with screenshots

*25x times profit defined cycle.

*You never need to buy vouchers again. Now you can start selling them.

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I’ve been using this method myself for the past few months and after a few weeks of tweaking it I’ve been consistently pulling in at least $1,000 a day. I’ve written a step by step guide detailing everything you need to do, it outlines each step very clearly and doesn’t require you to think or be creative at all.

To use this method, you need to be a member of an affiliate network such as NeverblueAds, Azoogle, CJ, or anything else. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can sign up for these networks for free by filling out applications on their sites. It requires no money to set up, although you’ll probably want to purchase a domain which runs about $8 through


First, take a look at my previous ebook “Blackhat Social Marketing” here:

You’ll see that every single review is positive and everyone who bought it liked it a lot.

I used NeverblueAds for this project, you can use any affiliate network of your choice but I liked Neverblue the best. Here is a shot of my earnings for a single day:

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Picture This – The Marketer’s Guide to Visual Content
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Think of the Oscars selfie that almost broke Twitter, the street portraits on the Humans of New York photoblog, the Instagram takeover of pop culture: Images shape our world and our conversations. (Sometimes—as in the case of teenagers and Snapchat—they are the conversation.)

As storytelling becomes more and more part of marketing, visual content is developing into one of content marketing’s most powerful assets. Brands are becoming more visual. They’re making compelling updates on image-driven networks such as Pinterest and Instagram, and using photos, videos, infographics, and slideshows as storytelling devices to redefine their presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Visual content helps you connect with customers immediately and powerfully.

In this 21-page guide, you’ll discover how visual content is upending the way brands communicate with their customers—and which brands are doing it best.

You will learn:

The types of visual content that cut through the digital noise to showcase your brand’s personality
Tips on telling visual stories that drive emotional reactions
How to build relationships with your most engaged customers
… and more!

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