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You are going to learn exactly how I make thousands of dollars only working a few hours a day from my desk in my home office!

I’d like to introduce you to Jason (me)…

I make a full-time living flipping pagerank and expired domains from home. In fact I make a better living than most people who work from 8-5. In the last month I have made over $13k. Yes, just an insane amount of money that seems impossible to most people.

I just bought my first house and get to spend almost all of my day with my two little girls providing the lifestyle for them that I only dreamed of! You too can live this lifestyle! It is so easy that nearly anyone can do it!


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WordPress is a wonderful platform for website builders, and for Google in particular it seems to be the virtual equivalent of a cake with an endless variety of tasty and unusual ingredients. Yet for those of us who need something adaptable enough to be served up quickly to the search engines on almost any occasion, and often with the minimum of notice, the icing on the cake can sometimes seem a little flawed.

Yes, we’re talking WordPress themes. These can make or break a site, and for search engines and surfers alike make the difference between encountering a flat and tasteless mass-produced sponge or an enticing confection that’s been specially created for the event.

However, with the right theme, it is possible to satisfy the surfers and feed the starving search-bots without spending hours slaving over a hot keyboard. As both a site seller (’flipper’) and someone who builds and maintains a large number of my own WordPress sites, I’ve spent many hours trawling through themes in the hope of finding something that would fit the bill. For me, this would mean…

A WordPress theme which made proper use of the HTML H1 tag, wrapping it around the page or post title instead of the blog title, which oddly is what’s usually done with it.

A WordPress theme which demanded no editing of CSS or other theme files in order to change the site’s appearance. Not only would this make light work for me, but it would make life much easier for clients, thereby eliminating many support queries and freeing up even more of my


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Ok well I’ve had an interesting few weeks for sure.

I’ve just watched a genuine under the radar blog flipper as he showed me from start to finish, with nothing left out how he creates, automates, monetizes and FLIPS WordPress Blogs AND EARNS THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WHILE SITTING AT HIS DESK IN HIS COMFY HOME OFFICE.

He’s showed me how he does this in the same day if he wants fast cash, or how he automates the whole thing and lets his blogs ’sit’ for a few days or weeks while they increase in value.

I’d like to introduce you to a guy called Tony Newton.

He makes a full-time living (actually he makes a much better living than most people working a 9-5 earn) flipping blogs from home.

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