[New/Hot] Local Webinar Formula – How To Get Clients To APPLY To Work With You WITHOUT Prospecting

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Don’t just take my word for it, check out the reviews:

Originally Posted by preacher View Post
Just finished reading Nicks latest training aid,….and it is Great!
No, uh, “Fluff” as they like to say. Just pure good content. Simple to understand, and easy to implement. It’s a short lesson, but to the point. So easy even I should be able to follow his instructions and set one up…..heh
I say grab it up! You will be glad you did. This is a topic that hasn’t been taught on a lot that I know of, and is just filled with pure knowledge, goos knowedge at that!
I will be trying this out myself…..oh…and there is a bonus at the end that you can’t beat…not even with a stick…for us ole southern folks…heh
Pick it up, read, and put it to action…I think you will be glad ya did!!
oh yeah….just for the record…I’ve never known Nick to put out any product that isn’t top rate…you can be sure of that!
James Mason

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DOMINATE Google’s 1ST PAGE due to NEW PANDA/FARMER ALGO In Minutes without any SEO/SEM Skillset!

Price: $97

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Hey all! I want to ask you a simple question:



Yes, the above lines are absolutely true. By reading this ebooks step by step guide you will be able to rank any money making [product targeted!] website rank in Google within 20 days and stay there for months!

By reading this ebook and working not more than 10 minutes a day for 20 days you will be rocking the top results of google for any keyword!

Health, loans and anything else – everything can be yours now by following my blueprint that is FOOLPROOF!

The guide contains everything FROM MAKING THE WEBSITE to RANKING IT IN TOP10 OF GOOGLE.

The book is NO BULL – Skips all the crap and gives you step by step methods! Don’t waste your money on other “Fluff” WSO’s!

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Price: $27

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Hello Warriors!

Before I get into the product, I want to introduce my unfamiliar face! I’ve been here at WF for quite a while, just hiding out in the background! I’ve finally decided to release my own WSO! As this is my first, I ask you to bear with me if any issues should arise! I think I’ve got everything all set – but as we all know, that’s when something goes wrong!

I’d also like to preface this with saying I want to change my username to my real name, but I’m not quite sure how. For any of you who frequent other forums, I’m OctaneInv on NamePros, DP, and a myriad of others. If you’d like a link to my feedback on NamePros, where I’ve sold thousands of dollars worth of domain names, please click here.

And now, without further a due, I present: Offline Mobile Money A Complete Offline Business-In-A-Box!

I hate “fluff” just as much as the next guy. It’s not in my products, and it’s not in my sales pages! Let’s start out by seeing exactly what is included in this incredible package:

1. You’ll get the entire 17 page report on exactly how to run your business. Like I said, there’s no fluff; you’re going to learn exactly how to start, manage, and profit from your business.
2. You’ll be given TWO sales letters; one fits an 8.5 X 11, the other is meant for a post card.
3. You’ll be given a sample contract to close the deal, assuring maximum profits for you, and maximum comfort and service for your clients.
4. This is the best part: You’ll even be given two custom-built mobi compliant templates that you can use to build your clients websites. These aren’t just some re-hashed BS – these are custom made templates I’m giving you here people! These are worth more than the cost of this whole package alone!


Price: $6.99

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Make $20 – $100 Daily in AdSense Revenue with Only 30 Minutes of Daily Work – 100% Pure White Hat Method

Learn my great and yet utterly simple system to earn anywhere from $20-$100 per day with only about 30 minutes of effort (total time for creating content and doing promotion)

The best part? You can start earning the money in as little as a couple of hours after you get your hands on this short 4 page no fluff and straight to the point report!

This method is 100% white hat. It does not involve any sort of click fraud nor does it involve any of the old and time consuming stuff such as Craigslist, developing webpages, creating templates, ewhoring, etc.

Don’t have an AdSense account? I included everything you need to know to get one as well.

I can’t give away too much more without giving away the entire method – that is how simple this stuff is! It is also both international and noob friendly!

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Price: $47

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The Ultimate Offline Seminar. Including Secrets & Twists You’ve NEVER Seen Before, Anywhere!

Ryan Hotaling here binging you my second WSO!

As you know from my first WSO, I cut the fluff and offer up some kick-ass, incredibly high quality, and unique products, and of course – some awesome warrior deals! So, I’ll keep this sales letter real short, and by the time you hit the bottom, not only will you see how much this product will help your business, but you’ll also be greeted with some truly incredible deals!

I’d like to introduce you all to one of my personal “best kept secrets”! I use this “Seminar-in-a-box” for everything from prospecting potential clients, to conducting full seminars, to using it as a marketing and teaching tool for my clients.

Let’s start with what’s included in the whole package, then I’ll get into details!


Price: $27

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The No Fluff Google News Teardown. How to Triple Your Traffic and Reap the Benefits

In one day, Google News sent my site more than 7000 visitors who bought $570 worth of merchandise. And that’s physical goods – imagine what you could do with CPA offers or AdSense (I picked up an additional $115 that day).

I was only going for the extra traffic and added a single affiliate link after the first few thousand visitors – who knows how much I would have made if it had been there for every targeted person who came to my site.

I liked this, useful short guide that just brought into focus something I should have been doing in regards generating content that delivers a solid ROI.

Can’t give much away really , this is one of those very brief WSO’s that gives you a couple of golden little nuggets you can apply to the news system to maximize your revenue.

Worth a few bucks of anybody’s money.

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Price: $10

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Easily Turn a ZERO Cash Investment Into $1,000 or More in Profits … Using Holly Cotter’s PROVEN
“Outsource Arbitrage” System

Dear Fellow Internet Warriors:
If you’ve been around for a while, you probably already know who I am… that I have a reputation for honesty and integrity, that I’ve created several top-notch training products, and that I always deliver what I Promise. (Yes, I know, I’m tooting my own horn – but, if I can’t, then who can?)

I’m getting ready to release a new product called “Outsource Arbitrage” and figured I’d give my fellow warriors first crack at it… at a drastically reduced price.

What Is “Outsource Arbitrage?”

It is a 30-minute, no fluff, no filler training video that reveals:
* How you can turn ZERO cash into 1000+ profits!
* Where to find outsourcers who will work for PEANUTS!
* A website that will take your arbitrage business VIRAL!
* And more!

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