Amazon Affiliate Secrets – Sean Donahoe, Jan Roos + 4 Others

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Dear Warriors,

I wanted to know all the inside techniques and tricks that make some Amazon affiliates very successful and leaves everyone else behind. So, I asked a cross-section of Amazon experts about their inside methods. In fact, I asked them a question that practically FORCED each of them to give up their best ideas for making money quickly with Amazon.

I asked each of them to answer this question… “If you cashed out by flipping all of your sites and had 3 months to rebuild a $10,000/ month business, how would you use Amazon and what strategies would you apply?”

And here’s the pay off. I recorded each of these interviews and made them immediately downloadable in mp3 format. Now you can have these secrets too for a ridiculously small investment. Such a small investment it will make your jaw drop.

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I asked 7 of the world’s leading experts…

“If You Were Starting From Scratch & Only Had 21 Days To Make $100 Per Day Using Only A WordPress Blog and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), And Could Not Use Paid Traffic, Joint Venture Partners Or A Mailing List… ”

What Would You Do?

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Here’s what I’ve done. I went out and got the foremost authorities on WordPress Blogs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I then grilled them by asking a question which practically FORCED them to give the best, most beneficial methods for monetizing WordPress Blogs ever.

That’s because I literally forced each one to answer this question…. “If you were starting from scratch and could not use paid traffic, and had no Joint Venture Partners or email lists that you could utilize, how would you start making $100/day using only a WordPress Blog and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in 21 days or less?”

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