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The hottest opportunity in 2012 is Offline Consulting. Don’t miss out on your chance to run a long term profitable business. New marketing tactics arise every few years and offline businesses need someone to show them how to use these tactics to their advantage. That someone is you

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Hey there fellow Warriors!

In the spirit of “giving,” I’ve done my best to make this my best, most “over the top” WSO I’ve ever run!

While many marketers claim outrageous “retail price” values for their offerings, I can confidently tell you that this package of products would cost you more than $750 to produce yourself.

I’ve decided to offer it here on the Warrior Forum for a ridiculously low price because…

[1] I have learned a lot here over the years and want to give back.
[2] I so appreciate Allen Says creating this forum!
[3] This has been a great year for me and my business and I want to “share the love!”

If you’ve seen my other “Local Business Lead Generation System” WSO’s you already know that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve heard back from many of my customers who put the system to use and got both LEADS and CLIENTS!

I expect this System to do even better for those who put it to ACTION!

Anyway, I told you there is MORE and there most certainly is…

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Hey there fellow Warriors!

My last WSO for my “Local Business Lead Generation System” (SEO Version) was a HUGE success… selling more than 300 units in just the first seven days!

The feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive and I am confident you will not only love this system/package, you will greatly benefit from it too!

In fact, one of the Warriors who bought my last package sent me an email regarding the success he has already had (in only a week’s time) and gave me permission to quote him.

George said…

“This was a perfect fit for a domain I bought a year or more ago and never did much with.

Thanks a bunch. This is a real conversation starter with local folks that I had not been able to make much headway with so far.

I’ve also taken your advice and started carrying printed copies of the report with me wherever I go, especially if I’m going in to buy something from them. It makes more of an
impression than just a business card would (although I’ve got your card design being printed right now – 1000 for $20). I’ve got 4 prospects already!”

Thanks so much,



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While this is my first WSO, I am not new to Internet Marketing. I have been involved in sales/marketing/copywriting for over 20 years now and have been a full-time internet marketer for about 4.

In addition to creating a number of products and running two membership sites, I also handle the marketing for a number of clients (both online and offline).

As I have been looking for ways to streamline the process for getting local business owners to want to do business with me, I came up with what I am calling my “Local Business Lead Generation System.”

Basically, it’s a complete turnkey system that can help drop qualified leads in your lap… day-in and day-out and nearly completely on autopilot.


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Here’s ONE aspect of how Viralinviter works (more features explained below!):

The first ever Viral “Tell-A-Friend” Software that makes old-fashioned “Tell-A-Friend” scripts obsolete.

  • It allows users to easily and instantly invite ALL of their contacts from Google, Yahoo, AOL, & MSN [34 services total] with just TWO simple clicks.
  • Harnessing the exact same technology that powers Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, LinkedIn and many more the biggest traffic sites on the planet!
  • It can generate an avalanche of zero-cost free traffic automatically in just seconds.
  • Plus: it even offers a customizable reward system to motivate users to continue inviting as many friends as possible

It combines the most important Viral Marketing Factors:
1. Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to spread your message
2. Reward your visitors for telling their friends.

Both can be totally automated with our Viral Inviter PHP script. Once You Turn On This Plug-And-Play In-A-Box Traffic-Generation System, It Can’t Stop Sending You Visitor, Users, OptIns… Until You Shut Down Your Website!

AND, VERY IMPORTANT: This Traffic Is FREE And NOT Coming From Google, PPC, JVs Or Any Other Source
That Cost You Money, Time Or Effort!



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Yahoo Buzz Cracked!

Get on the front page Of Yahoo Buzz Overnight and Generate Hollywood like publicity!”

For several years, I’ve been doing and teacher people how to get thousands of free website visitors with methods that are so simple that you can literally learn it overnight, get started the next morning, and then start increasing your profits in days.

The method is truly remarkable, it has all of the attributes of a perfect traffic generation system:
* You can get started without one penny, seriously: No need to purchase traffic.
* Its easy: Just follow my simple steps on you will be on your way to the green brick road. There’s no thinking or figuring out how to crack algorithms, everything has been cracked and delivered to you.
* Its fun. This is much more better then writing and submitting articles to directories and waiting for DAYS to only HOPE that your article doesn’t get deleted from the network.
* You can get instant traffic. Most free traffic methods takes a while for you to start receiving large sums of traffic. This is not the case with this method. You can quickly start getting 1000s of visitors to your site!

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