Price: $49

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Q: What is it you’re selling?
A: An eBook that will teach every of it’s readers how to make a super profitable business from PPC (Pay-per-Click) programs!

Q: Is it a Black Hat?
A: I told you from the very beginning (even on it’s title) it is Black Hat!

Q: Then, will it be saturated somehow? Or any chance of being banned?
A: There are some risks that will leads you on several banishment (it’s black hat after all), however, there are some tricks people can do in order to avoid that! I don’t think this technique can be saturated since there will be so many ways on doing it – however I will limit the copies of this eBook!

Q: You said, it’s very unique – how many people used it so far?
A: I’d like to say that there will be no one using it until now! It’s a mix technique between a very new and completely technical matters and online businesses models! No need to worry – you’ll be first person to witness this very technique!

Q: Do I need any skills on doing it?
A: Although it’s a technical matters – all scripts are given! You’ll only need to know how to use it, and it’s totally easy!

Q: Will it works on Google AdSense?
A: We’re (I mean me and some of my colleagues) testing it on Google AdSense and several more PPC companies such as AdBrite and AdEngadge – it works real fine!

Q: Oh come on .. Google AdSense is good on catching people who cheated their systems – your technique is not exception!
A: There are 2 factors why this technique won’t be caught so easily! We’re not doing fake/invalid clicks or something lame like that! Try and you’ll know what I’m trying explain here~

Q: Will it be an eBook or an eClass?
A: For those who want it fast, they can ask for a *.pdf file and I will deliver it in no more than 3 hours after the payments completed! But for those who demand additional explanations on it – they can request 1 hour online coaching (via MSN/YM) for this! It won’t be hard, everything will be explained very clear, fast and all scripts are included in your file!

Q: I’m interested! Now, how much for the eBook?
A: Good question! I will be selling it for US$49 per copies and there will only be 30 copies sold! There won’t be any adjusment to this limit – once I closed the selling, there won’t be more copies to be sold, not at all!

Q: You gave guarantee for this?
A: Sure! As always – I will return your money back! All of it! If this technique doesn’t work and/or you think that it’s not for you (for any reasons).

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Price: $10

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How To Transfer A WordPress Blog Video Tutorial

Hi Warriors

Working with WordPress is something I have done for several years now. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no guru when it comes to the technical side of things but can create and modify themes pretty well and very comfortable with plugins and widgets etc. I have built dozens (even more for clients) of blogs of my own in many niches.

Well it was only recently I started selling some of them off that I had a major problem:

How do you transfer one to another host?

So I started looking through the results on Google and each one is different from the other. Turns out there are apparently many ways to do it but not all of them will work and be reliable.

I also got some quotes for people to do it for me and quite frankly, they were ridiculous.

So then I decided to see how much someone would charge to create a guide for me. Someone with a lot of experience that could detail every single step in an easy to follow manner that anyone could follow.

Luckily enough I found a great guy from Canada who did just that.

It worked first time and since then I have moved well into double figures without an issue with any of them.

Then I realised that there must be other people who have had this issue or are currently having the problem.

Price: $67

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Attention: Marketers Who Know Opportunity When They See It.

“How Much More Money Would You Make


IfYour Site Was Listed on the Top Of


Google, Yahoo, and MSN”


Innovative New SEO System Shows You How to Get Out of the PPC Trap – And, Yes, It’s Guaranteed!

Dear Fellow Marketer:

Are you tired of paying exorbitant PPC costs?

Worse yet, are you in a position where you just flat-out can’t afford them? Think about it – after paying your PPC costs, and allowing for returns, what’s left?

Not much, I bet.

Even if your head is above water, you’re paying a hefty part of your hard-earned income to PPC engines. If you just can’t afford them, chances are you’re not making much money.

Seems like a trap, doesn’t it?

Well, it is.

How a Newbie Marketer With Less Than a Year of Experience Pulled Off Some Artful Google Jiu-Jitsu

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Price:  $20

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HOTFEED will SuperCharge Your Blog!!

HOTFEED will automatically fetch
Current Google Trends Keywords
and will put RSS content, Videos and More on YOUR Blog Matching the Current SUPERHOT Trend Searches!!

(You can use it with WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo and ANY Site which uses RSS!)

What is HOTFEED?

HOTFEED works with WordPress, Blogger, Squidoo, ANY Site which uses an RSS feed. It is INCREDIBLE flexible – and BRAINDEAD Simple to use!

See a demo WP blog WPTrends – HOT Breaking News where i show HOTFEED on a WordPress blog. You can also see how i made a very simple Squidoo lens with it on Hot Trends and News

HOTFEED will automatically fetch
Current Google Trends Keywords
and will put RSS content, Videos and More on YOUR Blog Matching those Current SUPERHOT Trend Searches!!

What is Google Trends and why would you want this?
Google Trends is a service provided by Google which constantly monitors which are “The Hottest Searches on the web Right Now”.

HOTFEED uses those trend keywords and your blog will always feature
THE latest Content matching THOSE “Ultra-High-in Demand” Searches!

Now, in combination with a blog platform like WordPress this opens up an incredible
Power to Attract Traffic to Your Site!

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Price:  $297.00

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Make Your Life Easier With Our Fully Automated, Totally Undetectable Revolutionary System That Can Update Your Websites And Blogs With Fresh Original Content, Monetize And Promote Them
365 Days A Year In Original “Human” Way
It’s Like Having An Army Of Web developers And Content Writers At Your Disposal Building Your Virtual Real Estate For You 24/7 And Absolutely Free

Dear Friend,

Well, I guess here I was supposed to shout out a few more fancy phrases and post a picture of a big fat adsense check from Google, a scan of my banking statement and may be a picture of myself staying next to a fancy house or some nice car, saying that you can have the same success if you use our tool :).

I’m sure you know all of this, have seen it lots of times and are probably sick of those pages. Instead, let me just cut the hype and tell you about what we have to offer and how you can benefit from it..

If you are reading this page you probably build websites trying to make some profit out of them. There are a lot of tools available to monetize your websites. There are a lot of tools to build your websites. But how about a tool to grow your websites automatically, simulating human work?

We have built websites for years, used lots of different tools, tried tons of different content publishers, content generators, auto blogging scripts. We spent endless hours in forums, learning new techniques, asking various people about what tools they would need to automate the process of building their websites, making posts to their blogs and generating fresh content. So let me ask you this…

Price:  $67/month

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“Renegade ClickBank Affiliate Banks
$127,783 In 30 Days With New
Google Software …”

STOP: If you’re feeling frustrated, and locked out of the “make money” game, then…

I have some incredible news for you…

We’ve created the ultimate cash-pulling software tool, which we have already used to pillage Google for gains like $20,434 in a day and $44,453 in a week…

This Automated Google System…

• allowed a 37-year old no-hoper to scoop $44,453 in 7 days, with a few little Google ads

• an easy “connect the dots” path to profit – no website needed, work the hours you choose

• means big companies like ClickBank, Amazon and Microsoft will do the selling for you, 24/7

Now, you can clone this formula and dip into the ClickBank cash mountain…

Here’s the incredible story of how all of this happened…

PROOF: $127,783 in 30 days (all from
“little Google ads” & without a website)

“The Death & Rebirth Of Google…”

Fellow Frustrated Wealth-Seeker,

You’ve every right to be furious right now…

The gurus have let you down.

Google has crushed the dreams of thousands of small-time affiliates.

Gurus have flooded the market with weak, rehashed systems that don’t work in 2009, causing an unprecented backlash against not just Adwords – but Internet money-making in general.

Even so, it’s still possible for the little guy to enter the game.

But if you fail to make the right decisions, right NOW, that could all be about to change.

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SEO Suite 

SEO Suite ™ is an All-In-One SEO Software combines More Than 25 SEO Tools in one SEO Suite to Boost Your Web Site to the Top 10

Are you looking for a high level Internet Marketing Tool/Search Engine Optimization SEO Software) that will save you Time, Money and most of all achieve for you a Higher Search Engine Ranking for Google, Yahoo! and MSN?

SEO Suite ™ is a high level SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Management Software which contains more than 25 SEO tools to assist you in optimizing your or your clients’ website to achieve a higher search engine ranking. It includes Web Site Optimizer, Search Engine Submitter, Link Building Tools and Reporting Tools.

SEO Suite ™ is not just another SEO tool. It is set apart from all other competitors because it caters for all levels of SEO work. The Corporate Edition is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the SEO Consultant while the Standard and Professional Editions are designed for Small to Medium Businesses.

Apex Pacific know that everyone has different needs for when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. That’s why we have developed 3 versions of SEO Suite 8.0 to ensure that every user from Mom and Dad Website Owners to SEO Agencies and Consultants succeed in achieving higher website rankings and better online sales from SEO for themselves or their clients.

Take a look below at each of the three versions to see which one will fit your business best!

The Corporate(or Agency) Edition is exclusively designed for SEO Consultants and Agencies to manage SEO Service projects easily and efficiently.

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