[HOT REVIEWS] Black Hat Persuasion Tactics That Crush ClickBank?

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Dear Fellow Warrior,

If I told you a small circle of “black hat” marketers are using one simple formula to push their offers to the TOP of Clickbank on demand (and getting away with it)…

… you might assume there’s a “catch.”

After all, everyone knows there’s no way to “force” people to buy… or “cut the line” straight to the first page of Clickbank anytime you want.

And you’d be right… except…

These Guys Aren’t Playing By The “Rules”…

You might have seen one of their sales pages – without knowing it – and laughed to yourself saying, “Who would buy this?”

After all, they’re busting at the seams with hype… they’re full of wild stories that lit up your “B.S.” detector like a Christmas tree… and you can’t stand the videos for more than a few seconds before hitting the “back” button to escape.

You’d assume they’d be going broke… hemorrhaging money until they ran to hire a pro copywriter to stop the bleeding.

But they’re not. And they don’t.

Instead, they’re pulling down $1 million-plus launch days with sales pages full of copy that seems so badly written and packed with over-the-top mumbo-jumbo… it shouldn’t work.