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You’re about to discover what the Internet marketing ‘gurus’ NEVER want you to know (unless you’re willing to pay them THOUSANDS of dollars)…

Have you ever noticed that the marketing “gurus” seem to make money quickly and easily – and make it look easy as well – while many other people struggle to make even their first dollar online?

What is it about the “gurus” that enables them to make money so quickly? What do they know that most people don’t?

As an example, in February 2008 marketing guru Frank Kern launched an information product called “Mass Control”. Despite being priced at $1,997, (far higher than most products in his market) Frank sold over $1 million of this product in just 2 days.

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Plugin Overview. SEO Booster PRO tracks the keywords and landing pages of every single incoming visitor to your blog; it then stores, tracks, researches and updates this data and promotes this data in a custom widget.

What you get is a dynamically updated boost to the actual keywords that your visitors have found your blog in the first place; every keyword boosted is relevant to your blog.

This process is completely automatic and hands off while still giving you the ability to affect how you want the plugin to behave and how much of the data you want to use.
Optimized programming

SEO Booster PRO has been successfully used on blogs, tracking over seventeen thousand (17000) unique search phrases (keywords), running as smooth as a blog with a blog with only a few hundred keywords to track. Affordable

You may use SEO Booster PRO on as many blogs that you own without any restrictions; the only thing we require is that if you sell a blog or create a site for a client that you purchase a separate license for that blog.

As if that was not enough, you will also get every single future update of SEO Booster PRO free of charge; and that includes the upcoming sequel aptly named SEO Booster PRO 2.

With the soon to be released major update; there will also be a major increase in price, so don’t wait – get the benefits of SEO Booster PRO today, save money and get version 2 for free.

There’s really no reason to wait; go ahead and buy your copy today or if you need additional information, check out the tabs above!

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Have you ever wished for an easy way to viralize your site? To let your visitors do the marketing work for you? I have, and I developed the plugin WP Viral Traffic together with Lars Bachmann for this purpose.

The plugin is very simple and easy to use, but the potentials are HUGE! You can viralize any post or page in your WordPress blog, asking your visitors to refer at least x visitors before they can see the full post/page!

Your visitors will not get access to what you offer them until they have referred enough friends or colleagues to your website! You can promote ANYTHING you want! Pictures, videos, files, text, anything!

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You see, every one of us only has 24 hours in a day. (More like 12 hours if we’re being realistic) If our time is spent:

  • Doing product research
  • Creating an information product
  • Writing a sales letter
  • Creating sales letter graphics (i.e. header graphic, footer graphic, eBook graphic)
  • Creating website content
  • and so on and so forth…

… our productivity would be extremely limited. I could easily spend several months doing the tasks mentioned above, if I were to do them all myself… and I’m an experienced marketer. On top of that, the end result wouldn’t be close to the quality it could be if I “leveraged the work of others” to help me create an amazing product.

Think about it. If you’re not a good copywriter, why would you slave over writing your own web copy to sell your product?

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