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Offline Cash!
Learn How You Can Make $499 Over and Over Again
From Local Businesses With this Step-By-Step Method!

ZERO Start Up Costs and No Technical Skills Needed!

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How would you like to be able to get $499 checks from local businesses? How would like to be able to do this as often as you like, even several times per week?

And…you can start earning this week!

This report will teach you step-by-step, how to perform the specific tasks that are involved with this method.

HINT: It does NOT involve web design or anything technical!

It will also tell you how to go about getting clients, explain what the sales pitch is all about, and I even include the

Price: $199.99

You must be an active subscriber to view this premium content. Please register’s Cookie Stuffing Pack
A No-Nonsense Cookie Stuffing package that will not only stuff your affiliate cookies, but keep your affiliate accounts completely safe.
Image / Forum Stuffer | iFrame Stuffer | Flash Stuffer | Ebay Auction Stuffer | Javascript Stuffer

New Releases Includes In This Package: Image Stuffer for stuffing forums, iframe stuffer for stuffing websites controlled by you, flash stuffer for stuffing websites and auctions, Ebay Auction Stuffer for stuffing Ebay Auctions, and the JavaScript Stuffer to stuff websites as well.

Instant Download!

Let’s Have a Look At The Scripts You’ll Be Getting!

WARNING: If you don’t like the idea of making money with Blackhat tools and strategies, then this site is not for you. Otherwise, proceed on

This sales letter is going to be real quick and simple for you. You know why you are here, so let’s get right to the point.

WP Subscribers 1.40 Free Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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Product Price: $97


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WPSubscribers is a wordpress plugin for subscribers list building. With this, you are able to add as many wordpress opt-in plugins as you like, then constitute them together to appear on your blog. The process is relatively simple and it does not take a genius to work this. This “must have” plugin also helps to do your mail list building, which is one vital part of many online businesses.

This comprehensive wordpress plugin is not like any other. After installing the plugin, you can be assured that your blog or website’s subscription rate will go over 300%. It simply shows that you can transform your site into a real money making machine.

Furthermore, the WPSubscribers has unique features to make opt-in forms as many as you want. If there are troubles, it can easily be fixed or configure. You can see that the subscriber list building feature can be done directly.

The WPSubscribers is one extraordinary tool – responsive and supports the site’s subscription value. There are so many benefits you can derived from this wordpress opt-in plugin. The Facebook integration allows you more vistors to come and pass. Remember the more syubcription you have, the greater revenue it brings.

There are a lots of similar plugins available but nothing comes close with the WPSubscribers when it comes to turning your site into a money making machine.

For a value of $37, you can earn up to $1000 by installing this comprehensive plugin. Many people have misinterpreted the power of mail list building for their site’s potential. Nonetheless, this is the time to have things corrected.

Make sure that you download the WPSubscriber to make things easier for you.


With WPSubscribers, you can create unlimited number of subscribe forms which include popup forms, footer bar forms, custom forms, exit popups, and more… and each of them can has its own content and can be used separated at the same time.
WPSubscribers could be used with any email service such as Aweber, Mailchimp, iContact, GetResponse, Prosender, Emailaces, …
WPSubscribers can add a Facebook Connect button to anywhere in your website that allows visitors to be subscribed to your mailing list in seconds!
Instant Download
Free updates
Use on as many domains as you need
Installation and configuration support
Frequent feature additions and updates


Integrates with million Facebook Users

Compatible with popular web browsers such as Yahoo!, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and many more
Several techniques for subscriber list building like footed bars, user registration, sidebar widgets, pop up forms, comments and even hidden content opt-in
Automatically encodes visitor’s profile (name, email and other relevant information)
Works with unlimited mail list building
Full control in display settings
Put opt-in forms in anywhere in the site’s premise

Product: WP Turbo Version 1.3

Price: $17

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WPTurbo is a new premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to create powerfull niche sites which create content, update themselves autonmatically and earn you income each month by various affiliate programs.

Advanced Template System
Each module has its own template that you can completely customise to suit your website.
Create Keyword Campaigns
Tailor the content to match your site’s niche through the use of keywords
Create RSS feed Campaigns
You can use any RSS feed to add content to your site
Create Category Based Campaigns
Add content from specifi Amazon, eBay and Oodle categories
20+ Modules Available
You can legally use content from over 20 sources, more being added all the time
Mix and Match Modules
You can mix together as many modules as you like for each post
Automatic Posting
Schedule when new posts are added automatically with WordPress or a CRON
Post as any User
Choose which user on your site, the auto posts are posted under
Automatically Tag Posts
WPTurbo will automatically determine tags and add them to the posts for search engine benefits
Filtering System
You can filter out specific words to better tailor the content for your niche
Multiple Income Sources
Add in your affiliate details and you can earn income from over 5 different sources
Affiliate Link Cloaking
Cloak your affiliate links so search engines and site visitors cant tell they are affiliated
Advanced Event Logging
Advanced event logging system so you can see clearly what has been posted and any problems
WordPress 3.1+ Compatible
Compatible with the latest version of WordPress 3.1+
Uses “Featured Images” for advanced themes
The WordPress post thumbnail or featured images is supported so you can use the latest themes
Free Support for One Year
Free support via our helpdesk for one year after purchase
Free Updates
Free updates to the plugin for one year after purchase
Instant Download after Payment
Receive your plugin download instantly after you pay, no annoying waiting
Use on unlimited Websites and sell them for profit
We have no restrictions on usage, pay once and use on as many websites as you own

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SEO Link PRO Crack Download – FULL Version Licence Key
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Product Price: $289

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Building a reputation online can be a long drawn out process. If you want to get your online business off the ground then it means countless hours of providing the proper search engine optimization. Unfortunately this is an area that many business owners aren’t accustomed too, which is why products like SEOLinkPro are so important. Whether or not it’s for you remains to be seen, so we wanted to give you a little background information on this tool.
How does SEOLinkPro Work?

SEOLinkPro is designed to provide you with all the search engine optimization necessary to get your company noticed on the Internet. It was specifically designed for individuals and businesses that need to brand themselves online and allow others to find them through search engine research. However, this isn’t about finding the top companies in your niche and then just copying the backlinks that they’re using.

Instead SEOLinkPro claims they are using an “out-of-the-box” method that overshadows the things that both “noobs” and super affiliate gurus utilize. This product works in the background while you continue with your daily priorities. The most important aspect is being able to allow the system to do the work for you. After all, most internet marketers or business owners don’t want to put in the work to become successful.
What do you gain?

In a few moments can get a better feel for all the benefits that SEOLinkPro has to offer. There are several initial advantages that are on the right hand side of their website, but we want to pass along of few of them right now. Some of these benefits include, but aren’t limited too:

Comment Posting
Easy to Utilize
Finds on Theme Links
Free Dedicated Forum
Full Automation
Guestbook Posting
Instant Download
RSS Pinging
Social Bookmarking
Simple Interface
Uses Anchor Text

There are several other areas that can be helpful, but you will see them here shortly. There are also free plugins at your disposal as well.

Price: $24

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(note* this is not some $7 piece of crap that does not work)

You Get Instant Download Of The “Best Internet Marketing Book Ever Written”…. ALL for ONE Unbelievable Price!

Right off the bat, you get a 100+ page (step by step) report INSTANTLY!

This report is titled “The Best Damn Internet Marketing Report Ever Written!” for a reason. It’s loaded with point-blank content.

It’s step by step. It teaches you so much, the report alone is worth more than the entire cost of admission to the program!

• How to convert, persuade and get customers to pay you!
• How to conduct dialed-in webinars that generate huge
incomes very quickly!
• How to earn as a consultant
• How to create compelling sales videos that yank cash
out of customers pockets every single time!
• Cheat Sheets on converting and copywriting formulas
• TRAFFIC….. TRAFFIC…. And more TRAFFIC methods!
• Wealth creation insights that have changed my life, and
will change yours!

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