[OFFLINE] Local Business Owners Pay You Hundreds Per Day To Send One Email? Genius System For Income

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“Being from the offline area and talking with business owners; I have found out that many owners no longer believe that Groupon is the ‘fairy god mother’ they had been painted to be after they have been burnt, some severely by going through the Groupon process. Simply Groupon wins/they don’t!

With this method both the business owner and you, will win BIG!

In this report Dave will show you step by step how to set up an asset (email list) quickly and cheaply with responsive email subscribers.

Then you can monetize it in a myriad of different ways..several are described ie, from CPA,affiliate,JV with business owners,solo ad drops,pay per lead,etc….its a regular business “Swiss Army Knife” of opportunities limited only by your imagination. Can you say over deliver!

***RAVE REVIEWS*** WOW – Read My Amazing Story – Buy My COMPLETE Offline Package ***UPDATED***

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Now You Can MAKE MONEY Selling WEBSITES to Local Business Owners. You Will Never Struggle to Make Another Website. So Much More than Just Another Theme!

Create a Simple Website in Under 20 Minutes – Guaranteed! Read my previous thread here… Simply copy what I have done and start earning CASH today.

I lay it all on the table and I hold NOTHING back. I started with ZERO Experience and now SELL WEBSITES to local business owners using this exact theme.

If I can do it, then so can YOU! Build your own Simple Websites TODAY, that you can sell to eager business owners!

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[Offline No Brainer System] – $67.00 A Pop Instant Cash – QR Mind Control Method – Simple Method!

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Dear Warriors, Welcome to my latest WSO. I am very happy to be part of this growing community. This is a reflection on the hard work everyone does around here.

My name is Zesh Ali and I love making money. Whether its OFFLINE or ONLINE I have an addiction of making money online. The beauty of working for yourself is that you are in control of your life.

I am known as the “Offline Guvnor” by some people! My Latest WSO is called the “QR Mind Control” Method and it involves setting up a simple, Facebook service for Local Business owners, using QR codes.

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Black Friday 2011 WSO of the Day: Video Sells Mobile Text Message SMS Marketing 2 Any Local Business

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And now, the best way to sell these powerful services to local businesses is with attention grabbing videos!

These videos sell businesses on why they need your service. They present in a professional and compelling way to motivate your prospects to say YES to you!

These entertaining videos make the benefits of SMS come alive… breathe new life into your sales!

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My early career was dealing with business people… small business and big business.

Board meetings, international clients, takeovers, receiverships, lawyers, accountants, blah blah blah…

It was VERY good money but it had a downside… constantly having to deal with too many different people, most not knowing Arthur from Martha.

You see… from small business to big business, most people don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing most of the time.

The world actually runs on auto pilot if it is left alone most of the time

Anyway: Back on topic… There are a lot of people making a lot of money doing local business marketing and many of those people who are making a lot of money are doing it hard, and everyone who isn’t making a lot of money is or has done it hard.

There’s almost always an easy way and a hard way to do things – business included.

Most people, by default, seem to choose the hard way because they think life is a struggle.

In fact… writing this sales copy right here, right now, is counter productive to my wealth because I’m selling this training so cheap I need to add the BUY button right now and get on with other stuff, so here it is…


Price: $37

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Yes this is 100% accurate all those sales have been generated without having to touch the phone…

Warriors how many time have you wanted to get involved into the offline marketing world and for some reason an invisible force keeps you away from taking action?

Too many… I know.

It was the exact same thing for me.

I mean you and I know that there’s a fortune to be made with Local Business Owners (LBO’s) and I’m talking about a monthly fortune.

A few clients paying you $1,000 for simple things as keeping their website up, making some seo improvement and building backlinks will set you free from your boring day job…

I’m sure you’ve bought plenty of Offline Marketing related wso’s in the past not because you needed to learn more about the subject… I mean offline marketing is dead simple in my opinion but because you needed to get a simple method to get rid of your fear to get in touch with those LBO’s and the fear of getting No’s in the middle of your sale proposition.


Brace yourself and prepare to be shocked because this method will allow you to get LBO’s fighting to get your service.

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