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I’ve been using this method myself for the past few months and after a few weeks of tweaking it I’ve been consistently pulling in at least $1,000 a day. I’ve written a step by step guide detailing everything you need to do, it outlines each step very clearly and doesn’t require you to think or be creative at all.

To use this method, you need to be a member of an affiliate network such as NeverblueAds, Azoogle, CJ, or anything else. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you can sign up for these networks for free by filling out applications on their sites. It requires no money to set up, although you’ll probably want to purchase a domain which runs about $8 through


First, take a look at my previous ebook “Blackhat Social Marketing” here:

You’ll see that every single review is positive and everyone who bought it liked it a lot.

I used NeverblueAds for this project, you can use any affiliate network of your choice but I liked Neverblue the best. Here is a shot of my earnings for a single day:

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“New Top Secret Software Automatically Adds 8  More Ways To Make Money Online!…”

Become An Instant Marketing Ninja… Increase Your Sales, Get More Customers And Instantly Know What Visitors Want To Buy, Without Fail

In a very busy world, visitors want to know “What’s in it for me” as quickly as possible. They don’t care about you or me and they only care about how they’ll win in the end. And the problem with most sales letters is they do not convey “What is in it for me” quickly enough or at all.

But it gets worse… Sometimes, a fantastic product or service can be overlooked because the visitor reading the letter it doesn’t realize what is in it for them. In other words, key selling points might not be addressed quickly enough in your sales letter and before you can say ‘Hey Wait A Minute’ that visitor has gone (along with your chance of a sale)…

So, What Can Be Done To Prevent The “Lost Message” That Kills Most Product Launches?

The Answer Is Conversion Ninja


Create Single Question Surveys For Your Opt-In Page

Automatically Tap Into The Minds of Your Visitors Using Keyword Reporting

Predict Trends & Tap Into Niches You Might Never Notice Without It

Dynamically Modify Your Sales letter For Each Unique Visitor

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“Advanced Marketing Solutions with Rapid Action Profits (RAP)”

Discover how to configure RAP to handle an amazing array of sales solutions that are truly “outside the box”!

If you’re like the average RAP customer, you’ll study the RAP User’s Guidefor a while and conclude that while RAP has some terrific features, in other respects it’s fairly limited.  I mean, right out of the box, the models V3.0.2 supports include (V3.0.3 has even more!):

Of particular note, there are lots of options, meaning they’re supported but not required in every situation:

  • Landing pages can be: Gift (giveaway) or Sales Page
  • You can have multiple Sales Pages that are rotated to do split-testing
  • Pre-sales pages are optional
  • Squeeze pages are optional (ie., pages designed to capture visitor contact information)
  • You can have visitor data captured to the RAP database and/or an autoresponder
  • You can enable auto-opt-ins or explicit opt-ins
  • Payments are optional
  • OTOs are optional
  • Downloads are optional
  • Affiliate commissions and rates can vary — meaning you can pay on some sales and not on others

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For Struggling Bum Marketers and Article Marketers…

Transform “Dud” Articles
Traffic & Cash Machines
In 3 Easy Steps

Dear Warrior:

Are you struggling to make article marketing or Bum Marketing work?

Thinking about giving up?

After slaving away at articles, do you end up with poor ranking or tiny trickles of traffic?

Maybe you’ve completely forgotten half of your posted articles because they were performing so poorly?

It is time to login to those old article accounts and make some CASH!

I Know How It Feels to Struggle With Article Marketing

You spend countless hours writing articles, doing keyword research, and posting articles. You wait for days for google to come and include the articles in the search engine results.

You hold your breath, hoping that this time will be your chance to make this work.

And then? NOTHING. Hardly any traffic, and when you check your clickbank sales stats… NOTHING.

Scratching your head, you try again, maybe with different keywords this time. A-Ha, this keyword has 100 clicks per day and hardly any competition… You write another article, submit, wait, thinking sure this one will bring in that extra income that month.


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Here Are 124 Million Reasons to Include YouTube In Your Online Marketing CampaignTHAT’S 124 MILLION REASONS YOU SHOULD BE MARKETING TO YOUTUBE!

Wait! You may have heard from online marketing experts and gurus that you should be uploading videos to YouTube to generate traffic to your website.

They’re right about that… But they’re not telling you the most important piece of the YouTube/video marketing puzzle! (This secret makes it near impossible for the normal marketer to succeed).

If you’ve tried marketing on YouTube, chances are you’ve created and uploaded a video and waited for the flood of traffic to come in.

And chances are, your stats looked more like this:

Because the biggest piece of the puzzle they’re not telling you is that you have to tell people about your video. No matter how great it is, if people don’t know about the amazing work you’re uploading, they can’t tell their friends and it will never go viral.

If you’ve got no subscriber list or don’t have a blog with thousands of daily pageviews, it’s been near impossible to generate hundreds of thousands of video views.

It’s a situation where it’s really easy for those who are already popular to get even more popular. But the rest of us are left in the dust.

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“Discover How To Automatically Convert Keywords on Your Blog Into Money-Making Affiliate Links in Mere Seconds – Autopilot Blogging Has Never Been Easier!”
REVEALED: New WordPress Plugin Gives You Lethal “Ninja Powers” To Explode Your Affiliate Marketing Income Almost Overnight..

Dear friend,

There are only two type of affiliate marketers – the Ninja Affiliates, and everyone else.

It’s no secret that 95% of all bloggers out there make pennies from affiliate marketing, while a select few who are privileged enough to be in the “inner circle” make thousands of dollars effortlessly..

A lot of secrets are highly guarded in the blogging “inner circle” – and Ninja Affiliate is at the top of that list!

Ninja Affiliate is WordPress plugin developed to imbue lethal marketing powers into your WordPress blog and instantly double or triple your affiliate marketing commissions with almost no effort on your part.

Using Ninja Affiliate, you can automatically convert any keyword in your blog to an affiliate link instantly. You can also cloak your affiliate links, track them and manage them right from your WordPress text editor.

Here’s what Ninja Affiliate can do for you:

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Hi Everyone,

The Dating Niche Is HOT! See How easily I earn $50 A day-Autopilot!

The Dating Niche is Smoking HOT And I will show you how to make the easiest money in this niche EVER! Internet Marketing Newbies Get in!

I will show you how I created a $50 dollars a day profit revenue stream in the adult dating niche and how you can just plain copy me to do the same… Without joking, the easiest money You will EVER make…Scroll down to see some proof!

I am sure you all keep hearing these stories about regular people making boatloads of cash online in the online dating niche.

This niche is so popular and there is so much cash being made daily by affiliates in this niche as we speak. that I decided to try it out for myself, and with much success for my first attempt if I may say so myself!

I am one of these regular people who has been quietly making some serious cash in this niche.

I came up with a method so easy that Newbies CANNOT go wrong or LOSE MONEY if they just do what I say and really TAKE ACTION and implement my system!

I’m giving you access to a step-by-step guide that details the exact steps I have used to make as much as $50 dollar in profit per day on autopilot!! Without lifting a finger after the initial set up.

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