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You’re about to discover what the Internet marketing ‘gurus’ NEVER want you to know (unless you’re willing to pay them THOUSANDS of dollars)…

Have you ever noticed that the marketing “gurus” seem to make money quickly and easily – and make it look easy as well – while many other people struggle to make even their first dollar online?

What is it about the “gurus” that enables them to make money so quickly? What do they know that most people don’t?

As an example, in February 2008 marketing guru Frank Kern launched an information product called “Mass Control”. Despite being priced at $1,997, (far higher than most products in his market) Frank sold over $1 million of this product in just 2 days.

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Dear Fellow Offline Marketer,

If you would like to make a lot more money with much less effort, this is going to be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s why: I am about to reveal a sure fire method for getting a lot more money with virtually no sales resistance!

Impossible? No way! In fact it’s easy… if you know a few, very simple rules that I will gladly spell out in easy to follow steps, so read on…

I know you’re probably sick of all of the slick offers by self-proclaimed offline marketing “gurus” who have never sold the first dime’s worth of service to offline business owners…

Sure, they may know how to get a website ranked in the search engines, and they may know how to set up a squeeze page, research keywords, and a few other “internet marketing” tricks. Heck, they may even be GREAT internet marketers…

BUT most of them don’t know JACK about one-on-one, direct sales! Maybe you bought one (or several) $97, $1500, or even $3000 products (I did). But you still never “got the memo” on how to get your foot in the door of the and close big deals

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“$12,875.95 In Just 24 Hours – All Because of A Pinch of Sneaky Strategies that Only A Certain Internet Millionaires Know!”

NEVER BEFORE SEEN: Skyrocket Your Online Income by Simply Copying What Top Marketers Do — And Then Scaling It Down…!

This letter is of critical importance to you — so let me get straight to the point about what happened:

I was having a cup of coffee in Starbucks – checking out those million dollar launches from the internet marketing gurus and wonder how I can copy their exact formulas and use them on a bunch of sites of mine which were generating only one or two sales per month.

But then I realized something. These guys spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless amount of hours just to gamble their fortunes on their product launches…but..hey…

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