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Who Else Wants To Learn The Devastatingly Easy, Incredibly Simple Method That Makes $6,000 in ONE Month, from a FREE 85 word ad that took THREE minutes to write?

An EXPLOSIVE $4,000 per month tactic, that is free to implement and absurdly easy to replicate over and over.

The Sign and Deliver Method

This method literally takes seconds to implement, is completely free to implement, and is GUARANTEED to work every single time.

The $6,000 amount is a TYPICAL result, and can be replicated over and over again. Let me say that again, it is TYPICAL.

This method can also be scaled to massive levels and the sky is the absolute limit.

This method does not involve:

– Craigslist
– Web 2.0
– Youtube
– Yahoo Answers

This method does involve:

– Getting MASSIVE amounts of CPA leads.

– It is a way to get guaranteed sign-ups to your CPA offers like clockwork, and NO it does not involve filling in your own offers.

When I mean guaranteed sign-ups, I mean at least over $5,000 a month with minimal effort. This method is fail safe, and is insanely simple.

Now on to tactic #2…

I am going to include another tactic which works EVERY TIME like clockwork as well.

This method is absolutely, ridiculously easy to pull off and will make ANYONE $1,000 a week with MINIMAL effort. I say $1,000 a week because anyone who takes action can make 10x that amount.

It does not involve:

-Anything regarding CPA companies or leads.

It does involve:

– Making a simple html website – one page ( templates are included.)
– Making AT LEAST $1,000 a week from this tactic.

I see no reason why anyone, who utilize these tactics, can not make AT LEAST $5,000 per month, AT LEAST. These tactics are guaranteed and there is absolutely zero chance they can fail.

That’s why I am implementing a:


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NO Tire Kickers in this thread Please!.




This method is BLACK HAT, so if you don’t like this please stop reading.



Ringtones Master BlackHat Guide!


This guide was written by RichUser right before his account got banned for an unrelated thread. I’m a good friend of his and I have been using this guide during the month of October to make a total of $8,639US. So I offered my help to sell the guide for him for a share of the profits. This method is FRESH and there is probably three people ( including me ) that are implementing this method. You need NO experience, NO website, NO capital, just this guide.

This guide is very short and sweet. You are provided with EVERYTHING you need to go out there and start making money. As soon as you get this guide simply follow the steps and you will start making money right away!

I am limiting the amount of sales to 20 to make sure it does not become over crowded. This guide is 100% UNIQUE.


What Industry?

This method is specifically designed for the ringtones industry only.

Country Restrictions?

NONE. This method can be applied by anyone in the world as long as you are a member of a specific network.


Simply be a member of this network and purchase this guide. You don’t need scripts, graphics, a website, or previous knowledge of how this works.

How Much can I make?

This depends on how you go about implementing this method, there are two ways to do so:
1. The free way = Less results but it costs nothing ( $100 – 200 Per Day )
2. The paid way = This is the method I used, and I made A KILLING with it. ($500 or more per day ).

The paid way described above will make things VERY easy, because you are paying for a spot that will allow you to drive MORE offers through, which means MORE $$ for you.

If you have ZERO money after you purchase this method, you can easily make your money back in a matter of days with one or two hours of work per day.

100% Support is included with the purchase price.




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[NEW] How To Generate Massive TRAFFIC in 5 Minutes or Less Without Sneaky Blackhat Tricks

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From: Tyler Pratt

Dear Struggling Internet Marketer,

Are you finding it hard to drive consistent Real Traffic to your offers?

Are you getting frustrated with NO Sales?

Tired of wasting your money on Useless Junk?

Feeling Burnt Out and at your Low Point?

Believe Me When I Say, I Know Your Pain
I Have Been There Asking Myself Those Same Questions …

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$750 Bucks In 30 Minutes? And I Only Wrote 8 Words….. NO WAY!

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Dear Warrior,

You’re a desperate person who needs to make cash, right?

You’ve tried just about everything you can think of…..

Affiliate marketing, offline marketing, sniper sites, SEO, Fiverr, website flipping, selling WSOs, and EVERYTHING ELSE…..

You’ve probably spent hours upon hours of doing useless things that didn’t bring you in a single cent…

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Traffic Rockstar System

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Do You Want To Tap Into 500 Million Potential People, with a DESIRE to Stuff Your Pockets FULL of CASH!…Well Now You Can With This Step By Step Video Series
Simply with a FREE Account – NO Experience – NO Technicle Knowledge AND NO Website… We Are Generating OVER $7,653 Per Month – Quickly & Easily
YOU CAN TOO! 100% Guaranteed for 60 Days!

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100 Pg 1 Rankings in Google In 24 Hrs With NO BACKLINKS & NO Money!

Value: $10

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I will show you how to do the impossible…Page 1 Rankings in competitive google niches in 24 HOURS with no backlink building of any kind and no need for paid software of any kind…


Originally Posted by webstrategistpk View Post
My Review:

After getting a review copy, I put the whole strategy into use. I was blown away with the results. I sell a diet pill and I tested this strategy on some low competition keywords. The results were amazing. Now I am testing the OTO site that he has claimed to work well in SERPS, I hope it will work amazingly well too. I highly recommend this WSO for people who want to get quick results. It really works.

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5 Minute Business: Create an Online Business Fast by Mark Middo

Value: $7.97

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6 Reasons to read
#1 Prove It To Yourself

What’s your ‘crazy’ idea? There’s never been a better time to prove to yourself, and to the world, that you can pull it off.
#4 Build Your Online Empire

All online empires are built on the foundation of the remarkable website, huge email database & vibing social media fan bases. Finish 5 Minute Business armed with all 3.
#2 Create A Lifelong Asset

Turn that ‘crazy’ idea into an outrageously profitable lifelong asset, without breaking the bank to get there.
#5 Make Time Your Friend

Your biggest obstacle is time. This book allows you to free yourself up, so you don’t have to stop your life to start your business.
#3 Become An Influencer

Get invited to the biggest industry events, get massive amounts of media attention and have influential people begging to do business with you.
#6 Ignite Your Passion

You weren’t put on this earth to spend 8 hours a day doing things you don’t want to do. Take your life back, live your passion and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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