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Dear Fellow Warrior,

You’ve probably heard about making money in different markets such as Fiverr, Clickbank, and Flippa, but after buying WSO after WSO, you haven’t been successful.

All the hype surrounding these WSO’s get you excited thinking that all you have to do is read the WSO, put a few things in motion, then sit back and collect checks.

I hate to break it to you, but….THIS IS NOT TRUE!

It takes time and effort to make money.

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Originally Posted by PeckhamPirate View Post
OK. Quick update to my review.

Getting this set up will take a few days, but I stumbled across one opportunity to go live immediately late last night. Less than twelve hours later I just got my first order for 399 of your finest English pounds sterling.

I knew it! This rocks and I now have to get serious about my outsourcing because it can only get bigger. Bang goes my weekend.

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FB Like Jacker
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Dear Warriors,

After working tirelessly to create the easiest and simplest method on the planet for anyone to get Facebook “Likes” for their website or their Fan Page(s) with no technical knowledge needed, we can now present to you the most complete, the most powerful and the most BlueFart Facebook plugin in existence.

To take advantage of this cutting edge, totally stealth technology, the only thing you need to know is how to install and activate a single WP plugin on your blog.
I’ll take that you know how to do that, right? Good – you’re now qualified to steal all Facebook “Likes” you want.

This plugin is the creme de la creme when it comes to Facebook plugins. In fact, as far as we know, there is no other WP plugin that does everything that this plugin does, so this makes this plugin – A Rockstar among plugins.

OK, so we all know and we all understand just how powerful Facebook can be, when it comes to spreading your message and sending a ton a traffic to your site, right?

But we also know what a right pain in the butt it can be just to get a couple of Facebook “Likes”, not enough of them to make any impact – And let’s be honest, your content ain’t going nowhere, if it only gets the odd “Like” here and there….

This Rockstar WP Plugin Is A Game Changer And Now It’s Time To Level The Playing Field…

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Product: WP Unique 2.70

Price: $37


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“Imagine Getting Indexed And Ranking In 2 Minutes Flat By Simply
Pasting Someone Else’s Content Onto Your Blog…”
So How Will YOU Use WordPress Unique?

By now, I hope you’re starting to “get” WordPress Unique. Now you can see how it works, how it is different…and how you’ll use it to dominate niches with barely any effort…

Especially if you use freely available “autoblogging” software…

You’ve seen the powerful benefits already, so it’s time to talk cost…

You might be surprised when you realize what a no-brainer it is…(right now at least)

Here’s the deal:

First up, because I don’t know how competitive your niche is…I can’t guarantee the speed at which you’ll get indexed. But…

I will tell you how I get the Google critters to come crawling quickly:

I “social bookmark” the first 2 or 3 posts on a new blog. I post at least 3 times a week, and I use the XML Sitemap plugin. That’s it!

Goodness, please don’t let anyone tell you getting ranked quickly takes any more than that…it really doesn’t!

OK, here’s what I will guarantee:

You can test WordPress Unique 2.0 for a full 30 days…and if it doesn’t rank your duplicate content without modification…as high as your unique content…

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Product: CPA Blaster 2.08

Price: $27/mo

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What is CPA-Blaster?CPA Blaster is the ultimate CPA Software. It is designed by CPA Marketers for CPA Marketers.

If you are a rookie just starting CPA or you are Guru ready to bring his earnings to the next level this software is designed for you!

Over the past year we implemented over 70 updates, and NOW, we can say that the software is 100% perfect. We listen to all our customers and added tons of powerful features, so everyone can benefit from them.

CPA Blaster can turn you into a CPA master…

While we were testing the software we’ve got some insane responses from our testing group. Mircea, Darky and Bogdan made between 30$-50$ each day and Alex blown our minds up with his over 200$/day. All earnings were made just by using CPA Blaster!

OK, Let’s Make A Recap Of All Features Available In CPA Blaster

YouTube Uploader/Re-Uploader – Uploads videos, and if they are removed, theu are auto-uploaded with a different title/description
Video Spinner – You can use a single video file to upload as many times as you want
Video statistics- Video statistics (total views,total videos, total accounts etc..) are available. Powerful sorting options are also available in the YouTube module
Video List/Unlist – We have some strategies that involve List/Unlist. This will boost you up in the search
Video Manager – Track your video’s position (based on a search term), views and details
Multiple YouTbe accounts – Supports an unlimited number of YouTube accounts
Autosave system – You won’t lose anything, never!
Watermark System – Add an image watermark to all your videos
Personal Google API – You can use your own Google API KeySearch/Post TV Series – Searches for any tv serie you can think of and posts them on your blog
Complex Blog Post – A blog post created with CPA Blaster consists of: TV serie image, description, title and video embed codeMultiple Video Sources – CPA Blaster gives you Megavideo, Videoweed and Novamov links
TV Serie Manager – A complex dashboard will announce you when new episodes appear for all your tracked TV Series.
Training Videos – Currently you can watch 2 30 minutes training videos that explain everything you need to know
Custom Widgets – You will also get a custom widget pack that is fully tested and increases your CPA conversion
Secret Strategies – We will share with you secret strategies on how to reach top positions and how to create your videos
Auto-updating system – You will also have your latest version of CPA Blaster, because it auto-updates.+ more

Students Making $900/Day Within Hours, Using Our System

Price: $39

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Dear Warrior,

My name is Sam Bakker and today with my business partner Wynne Pirini I have something VERY IMPORTANT to share with you.

Are you tired of busting your ass to find clients in order to build your offline marketing business?

You know the feeling – You cold call random businesses, tell your friends about your new internet marketing business, only to feel like a failure when you have no projects coming in. All that talk and hard work but zero money to show, it’s FRUSTRATING!

It’s OK, we all struggle in the beginning. But today I am going to reveal some insights that will make you money immediately if you follow my simple instructions.

“The Fast Money” is in Facebook

Modern Keyword Mastery NO-ONE ELSE IS TEACHING THIS -WHY NOT? [Includes FREE Keyword Ideas Tool]

Price: $10.95

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Hi, I’m Tony Marriott and Welcome to MODERN KEYWORD MASTERY
First let me ask you a couple of important questions?????

1. Do you build websites or Blogs?
If you are watching this then I guess the answer is probably “Yes”, or “I plan to”

2. Do you just know how important your choice of keywords is.
If you answers to that question is yes, then you will also know just how hard it can be to find those profitable keywords. So stick with me little longer and I will show how to completely change the way you choose your keywords.

AND If your answer is NO then you had better stick with me bit longer anyway because you really need my help.
OK, let’s start with a commonly held belief

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