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Exclusive For Newbies! Earn $50 Assured Income Per Day! New Program!



Ad posting Program is an easy program where you can earn money by posting one line comment and website Links in Blogs, Forums, Directories and Guest Books. For each Link posted you will be paid Minimum $0.52 . You no need to sell anything or you no need to market anything just post the links and you will be paid. You no need to bother whether anyone is Clicking the Links or not. If it is Posted you will be paid.

Its an US Based Company and it is the only one company of its kind paying money for posting Links. So you can’t find anywhere in the web by searching for this company.

In my Experience One can Post 10 Links per Hour. So calculate If you can work for 8-9 hours daily you can post 80-100 links. Each Link you will be paid $0.52 and if you post 100 links a day you can earn $52. This is the Minimum payout I am talking about. Their payment varies from 0.52 to $4.50 per posting.

You no need any Special Skills for this. You should have Basic Internet Knowledge.

Advantages of this Ad Posting program:

1. No Selling or Marketing.
2. Daily payment Through Paypal or Western Union Money.
3. Work from Cyber cafes.
4. Guaranteed payment.
5. Websites List will be Provided by the Company.

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NO Tire Kickers in this thread Please!.




This method is BLACK HAT, so if you don’t like this please stop reading.



Ringtones Master BlackHat Guide!


This guide was written by RichUser right before his account got banned for an unrelated thread. I’m a good friend of his and I have been using this guide during the month of October to make a total of $8,639US. So I offered my help to sell the guide for him for a share of the profits. This method is FRESH and there is probably three people ( including me ) that are implementing this method. You need NO experience, NO website, NO capital, just this guide.

This guide is very short and sweet. You are provided with EVERYTHING you need to go out there and start making money. As soon as you get this guide simply follow the steps and you will start making money right away!

I am limiting the amount of sales to 20 to make sure it does not become over crowded. This guide is 100% UNIQUE.


What Industry?

This method is specifically designed for the ringtones industry only.

Country Restrictions?

NONE. This method can be applied by anyone in the world as long as you are a member of a specific network.


Simply be a member of this network and purchase this guide. You don’t need scripts, graphics, a website, or previous knowledge of how this works.

How Much can I make?

This depends on how you go about implementing this method, there are two ways to do so:
1. The free way = Less results but it costs nothing ( $100 – 200 Per Day )
2. The paid way = This is the method I used, and I made A KILLING with it. ($500 or more per day ).

The paid way described above will make things VERY easy, because you are paying for a spot that will allow you to drive MORE offers through, which means MORE $$ for you.

If you have ZERO money after you purchase this method, you can easily make your money back in a matter of days with one or two hours of work per day.

100% Support is included with the purchase price.




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[OFFLINE] Local Business Owners Pay You Hundreds Per Day To Send One Email? Genius System For Income

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“Being from the offline area and talking with business owners; I have found out that many owners no longer believe that Groupon is the ‘fairy god mother’ they had been painted to be after they have been burnt, some severely by going through the Groupon process. Simply Groupon wins/they don’t!

With this method both the business owner and you, will win BIG!

In this report Dave will show you step by step how to set up an asset (email list) quickly and cheaply with responsive email subscribers.

Then you can monetize it in a myriad of different ways..several are described ie, from CPA,affiliate,JV with business owners,solo ad drops,pay per lead,etc….its a regular business “Swiss Army Knife” of opportunities limited only by your imagination. Can you say over deliver!

Sizzling – Secrets To Publishing A Book

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Proven Marketing Plan Delivers
Average of 1400 Potential Customers
to Author’s Website Every 30 Days

Invest Just 30 Minutes Per Day
to See Similar Results for Your Book Sales

82% of book authors polled have said that they do not do any book marketing whatsoever.

When queried further, there were several reasons given to explain why book authors avoid marketing their books:

Don’t know where to start;
It takes too much time;
The book seller does the marketing for them;
Most marketing guides only give them a list of websites they can use to advertise their free book giveaways;
They have never seen enough new sales from the process to justify spending more money on advertising.

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