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Dear Warriors,

Facebook marketing is always a hot niche. More and more businesses are putting their company on Facebook everyday and the hungry for finding more information about Facebook marketing seems never stop.

And the change from FBML to iFrame in creating fan page last month puts this niche even hungrier!

Offline businesses feel confused. Their fan pages are not working anymore. They are in serious need of finding fan page design service.

This puts you to a unique selling position that can cash your bank thousands of dollar a day.

To cash in your bank, you will need a PROVEN, READY-MADE PLR Template that can help you sell fan page design like HOT CAKE.

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Hey Warriors, Jameson Brandon here with our latest fan page template the V2.0 to Plexus! With the changes coming up in March 2011 to FBML and Iframes and apps and all that mess we decided to step in and first explain a few things, then give you an awesome minisite package for your fan pages.

So What Is This Big Facebook Change Everyone Is Talking About?

Quite simply Facebook is phasing out FBML. That’s right they figured out it was a bad idea right when we all started to get used to it. Don’t worry it threw me out of my comfort zone too and I was pissed. Just when I was actually starting to like FBML they go and get rid of it. But it is actually better this way and here is why.

People have this huge misconception of iframes, they think 1995 style framing with scroll bars everywhere and pages that look like crap. Well that is not the case. There are literally too many positives to the iframe changeover it would get annoying for you to hear. In brief, you will have more flexibility, better tracking, more functionality and best of all easier use!

Here is a break down of all of the changes on the plate for March change over…

– Profile Pictures-The size of the profile picture has been resized from 200×600 to 180×540.

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Let me show you something:

“BUY THE SIMS 3? is a keyword you type in when you want to do what?

Buy the sims 3.

This was the first time I discovered this method. I saw that the sims 3 was coming out so I quickly designed a site for it. It took about an hour in total. After doing a bit of SEO and link building I was number 1 for this term. ‘Buy The Sims 3?… and I still am.

I’m also number 1 for ‘buy sims 3? and lots of other terms, which resulted in traffic like this:

150-180 a day?????????? this doesn’t seem very much though does it, but considering it is a small niche site, that’s a bit better, but…..


imagine everyday, 150 people landing on your website after searching to BUY the product you’re selling.

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Dear Future Internet Marketing Master, Have you ever wondered how people really make money online?

When I was first starting out and struggling to make money online, I asked myself that same question! Like…how do some marketers take their online business to huge profits while others are still fighting just to make pennies!


I started out like we all do, struggling to make money online. I made tons of mistakes and certainly lost more money than I earned.

I saw other marketers banking insane amounts of money. I was following their system and apparently doing all the things they were doing, but not getting anywhere near the same results. It got to the point where I was faced with a choice. I’d reached information overload and I was paralysed by all the different methods of making money online.

* Do I give up on internet marketing and find another way to make money?
* Or do I approach this business in another way?

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