Product: Brute Force SEO EVO

Price: $157/mo

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It Doesn’t Matter WHAT The SE’s do… What Algorithms They Change… What Ignorant, Restrictive Conditions
They Put On You. EVO PROFESSIONAL Will Cut Through All The Problems Like A Samurai Sword Through
A Sausage, And BLOW Your Sites To The Top Of The Search Rankings In Record Time!
Here’s A Bare-Bones Recap Of EVO’s Talents,
which the new Pro Release keeps mostly intact,
(with several startling changes):

Creates and confirms E-mail accounts totally on autopilot…
Creates sites that You Own Forever, solving Captchas along the way…
Promotes your new linking sites and your money sites to Smoking Hot Web2.0 properties…
Provides a deluge of backlinks to your money sites on over a Hundred high page rank sites…
Strategically links all your new Web2.0 properties together in an incredible web of link juice…
Promotes your money sites rss feeds and the new Evo created rss feeds to the TOP rss aggregators…
Promotes your money sites to multiple social bookmarking directories…
Creates a mash-up batch of RSS feeds and submits this to the Top rss aggregators…
Creates a mash-up batch of RSS feeds of all the new Site URL’s and promotes this RSS feed…
And much, much more – but that’s just the beginning of this explosive package…

The doors to Peter Drew’s insanely powerful New Brute Force SEO release: EVO Professional have swung wide to the public, and the time is at hand to secure your future with us using Brute Force SEO Technology…

The user ranks of the insanely High-Tech and Totally Automated Brute Force SEO: EVO PRO Software and the incredibly rich SEO Fight Club Forum will re-fill in the blink of an eye-Not a time to waste,But per my promise, you have the golden opportunity to seize your place in this powerful Brute Force SEO membership by taking action this very moment…But There’s Not A Second To Waste.

Price: $10

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Get hundreds of people (& Businesses) to send you $20!

Make at least $100 after reading the WSO! I’ll show you a SIMPLE TO FOLLOW blueprint that will have people sending you $20 bills! Up-scaled the potential income is massive!

My fellow Warriors, My name is Eduardo. I will show you exactly what I did, step by step so you can repeat it for yourself.


First of all I doubt that very much. We all have talents; some of us just need a little push to get started.
You do NOT need to learn anything. I will give you the EXACT script to tell people. You don’t have to be smart (if you are on this forum you are actually smart), you don’t have to be exceptionally creative, or talented. In fact you could be the dumbest and laziest person on the planet and still make money.

Just follow the template and script I give you and people/businesses will be lining up to give you $20!!!! You will make money from your first day and COMPEL THOSE YOU ASK FOR MONEY TO GIVE IT TO YOU!!!This is a Step by step guide so it is impossible to fail! I GIVE YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED!

Yes, it is completely legal. This is a method I used to generate funds for a newspaper I used to work for, in fact I got promoted for it! Afterwards the newspaper did it all the time

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